Balancing Cardio with Weight Lifting Part 2

Practical Occlusion Training

Acute Training Variables - 8 Part Training Series

High-level Human Performance: Overreaching

Over Reaching Split

Overreach Microcycle Charts

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

The Muscle Rebound Hypothesis

Periodization Part I – History and Physiological Basis

Periodization Part 2 – Divisions of the Training Cycle


Periodization Part 3 – Traditional and Non-Traditional Periodization

Tapering Part 1 - Two Factor Theory

Tapering Part 2 - Manipulation of Load for Peak Performance
Tapering Part 3 - Practical Applications

Active Recovery - A Threefold Breakdown

Monumental Masterpiece - Creating A Cerebral Portrait

X-Ray Vision Part I

X-Ray Vision Part I Worksheet

X-Ray Vision Part II

The 10 Commandments of Abcbodybuilding

The Anatomy of a Pullover

How to Assess Yourself as a Bodybuilder Part One - Workouts

Workout Self Assessment Sheet
The Essence of Bodybuilding - The Art Of Illusion

Mobility Training and the Application of Proper Warm-up for Bodybuilders

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