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Dear members,

For over 8 years now, has strived to transform the face of the bodybuilding community. During this time, we have received literally hundreds of motivational testimonies from people who have followed our advice with great success. We have now decided to begin a testimony page, where you can share with us your ABC testimony! Your testimony can discuss spiritual, physical, or mental benefits you have experienced from our website. It can also be very specific, such as a testimony on the efficacy of a training method prescribed by us, such as proper post exercise nutrition; an education testimony (for instance, many people have stated that ABC has driven them to get into kinesiology); a testimony to how our website has strengthened your walk with the Lord; or a general testimony which may speak on several benefits you have received on this site, such as how the site is run, and training and spiritual benefits. You can also mention specific individuals on this website who have assisted you. You can also submit more than one testimony, in various categories if you so choose. is centered around helping people. Therefore, your testimony's will let us know that what we are doing is truly making a difference, and will fuel our motivation to continue to provide a supreme bodybuilding and spiritual research medium. It will also benefit the readers of our website, who will no doubt be urged to delve into the contents of our site after reading your testimony!

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Please note: All content listed in the letter will be published on our website, unless stated otherwise in the letter. Therefore, if you do not want certain contents of the letter published (such as your name) please state so in the letter. Also note, while we will edit spelling errors, we would appreciate if the letter was checked for spelling and grammar by the sender.

Sincerely, Administrators


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