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One of the first questions I hear when I tell someone about my site is, "So Gabe, what is on your site?"

Below I will explain just that, showing each feature on our site, with a brief description underneath.

Community and Online Forum

ABC is a very tight nit community - an extended family if you will - a group of people who just happen to be huge and shredded. One of the main avenues of our communication is through our online Forum. Here athletes can talk about the science of bodybuilding, compete in online bodybuilding competitions, join bodybuilding teams, start a journal to track their progress, or just chat about world events such as sports, school, or cool cars.


Probably what we are best known for are the hundreds of scientific articles we have personally written. ABC has its own journal, called the "Journal of Hyperplasia Research (JHR)". The slogan of our site is Bridging the Gap Between Science and Bodybuilding - and we have strived to accomplish just this through JHR. Our articles are a unique blend of science and bodybuilding experiences, which we believe lead us to some unique applications the likes of which you have never seen.

Our articles in JHR can be quite technical at times, so we also designed "Laymans JHR" which are short articles, centered on practical applications.

Some features in our journals include in-depth workouts, complete dieting programs, supplement reviews, Q&A's, Sport Psychology, among various other topics. Indeed, we strongly believe that in order to reach your ultimate potential, you must be sound physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thus, you will see articles that you might never imagine would exist on a bodybuilding site including Exercise and Stress, Goal Setting, Exercise Endocrinology, how to optimize sleep, among many other topics.

As you likely have figured out by now, we don't fit your typical stereotype for "muscle heads."


In our store, we sell nutritional supplements and various merchandise. What makes our nutrition store so unique, is that unlike other stores, you don't have to weed through hundreds of divergent supplements. Because in our store, every supplement is backed by science and personally used by the leaders of the site. So you can be guaranteed whatever you are purchasing will do exactly what it purports to do.

Due to popular demand, we also started an online clothing line. Here you can purchase various ABC merchandise including shirts, hats, jackets, and tank tops.

We also are open to selling various other merchandise, such and DVDs which we believe are high quality.


An extremely popular section on our site is our exercise section. Here, we  display how to do literally hundreds of exercises in the gym. Such a wide weaponry of exercises will greatly help you avoid staleness, and boredom in the gym.

Even more unique is our state of the art exercise man. We have designed a digital bodybuilder, who is both massive and shredded to increase your viewing enjoyment.


On our site, we have chosen to feature certain athletes who we feel represent ABC to its maximum potential. You can read about these athletes in their profiles, and also interact with them in our online forum.


Another aspect of our site that is very unique is our open devotion to Christianity and faith in the Bible. Unfortunately, many sites today are inappropriate for young athletes due to foul language, lewd pictures, and various indecent and often graphic discussions. We pride ourselves in providing a family atmosphere here. So parents can feel safe that when they let their young athletes on ABC, they will walk away edified, and encouraged to behave in a decent manner.

You will also see various discussions on spiritual matters, particularly in our online forum section "the sanctuary" where you can talk about religion, the bible, among other topics.

We do this because first, we believe it is impossible to separate your faith in God from any aspect of life. And second, because we believe that being healthy spiritually is vital to reaching your ultimate potential. Therefore, we provide an avenue where people can discuss and learn about this important aspect of life. 

Summary is the premium scientific bodybuilding website. We provide endless information on all aspects of life including psychology, training, nutrition, and religion. We do so through a comprehensive online journal, the Journal of Hyperplasia Research, our interactive online Forum, our state of the art exercise section, and through our feature athletes. We also provide a store where you can feel confident in purchasing efficacious supplements which will help you get closer to your ultimate physique. As well as purchase various merchandise such as apparel, and recommended DVDs.

Lastly, we hope soon to start a podcast, something our fans have strongly urged us to do.

To good to be true? Well there is only one way to find out - join the family today - I guarantee you won't be disappointed!


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