Rest Pause Training                         

Rest Pause training is flat out brutal!  It is mean to allow you, as an athlete to go past what you normally would have on a given set.  You begin by reaching failure on an exercise.  Once you have accomplished this, you will rest a few seconds and then continue the set until you reach failure again.  The key, however, is to rest as shortly as is possible.  The exercise will dictate the form of rest pause you implement.  For exercises like Chin-Ups, you can do your reps, let go of the bar, rest momentarily, and then attempt to force out some more.   For biceps curls, you can allow the weight to hang in front of you, and for squats, you can actually rest pause, by simply standing and locking your legs.  In fact here is a quote from an article of mine on how to use the rest pause method for squats.

From The Article Muscle Fibers Part I

I would like to give one final example of how your body can actually use all three energy systems in one set.
Lets analyze perhaps the most brutal shocking method ever devised!  The 20 rep squat.  For those of you who do not know what it is I'll briefly explain it.  You choose a weight you can lift 10-15 times and rest pause it out for a total of 20 reps.  You see when squatting you can lock out at the top of a rep, which provides a perfect form of rest pausing.  It takes tremendous amounts of pressure off of your quads, hams and glutes.
Therefore when failure approaches, you simply stand straight up with the weight on your shoulders and rest until you feel recovered enough to continue.

A shocking method like this will utilize all three energy systems.  Lets take a look!  You step under the rack, rest the weight on your shoulders and move backward.  Adrenaline is being released at an enormous rate and you want to take clear advantage of it.  This translates to an explosive and powerful first rep.  The weight feels as if it was going to fly up and break the ceiling because of your powerful contraction.  Guess what? You just used up essentially all of your ATP stores! As you go into the second rep your body begins recycling ADP back into ATP to fuel the contraction.  It is still almost as powerful rep one.  

You continue pulverizing the weight until you reach rep seven!  The contractions are now less explosive and a tingling, almost numbing feeling arises in your hamstrings.  This means that the lactic acid system has kicked in!  By the 10th rep your whole lower body is on fire and you know it's time to rest pause or the lactic acid build up will totally prevent any further contractions.  Standing with your legs locked you notice that you are breathing heavily.  Your body is now using its Aerobic Respiration system to fuel the muscles responsible for stabilizing your body while standing.  This is the upper back and the shoulders to name a few. 
Moreover oxygen must be supplied to replenish glycogen stores.   

After sufficiently resting the set continues.  Moving at a medium pace and again relying on the lactic acid system you complete 5 more repetitions.  You again rest pause.  This time however breathing becomes almost unbearable!  This is due to the fatigue in the stabilizer muscles, and the fact that you are running intensely in the Aerobic Respiration zone.  Finally you some how manage to continue the set getting one rep...two reps...then on your third the lactic acid build up simply will not allow your muscles to contract and the weight falls back onto the safety rack!  Following this brutal set you collapse to the ground in agony, breathing like you have never breathed before!  You guessed it, the body needs oxygen to replenish its stores for the next bout!  So suck that wind warrior, cause you need it! 




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