Jacob and Gabriel Wilson are professional Division I research scientists, and have a number of publications on their research. Below is a list of their manuscripts.

Selected Published Abstracts

Ostarello, J.Z., J.M., Wilson, and G.J., Wilson. (2005) Muscle power enhances brain power: A paradigm for student 
     success in kinesiology. Western Society Review.

Wilson, J.M., Kingsley, J.D., Toole, T., Mengelkoch, L., & Panton, L.B. (2007).  
     Measurement of functionality in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease   
     utilizing the CS-PFP.
  Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 39(5), S334.

Hornbuckle, L.M., Kingsley, J.D. Wilson, J.M. , St. John, N., Holmes, A., Mathis, R, Van
     Tassel,  J., McMillan, V., Figueroa, A., & Panton, L. (2007). Effects of strength training
      and chiropractic therapy on functionality in women with Fibromyalgia. Medicine and
      Science in Sports and Exercise
, 39(5), S294.

Wilson, J.M., Simons, J, Wilson, G.J., Theall, S. & Rodriquez, W. A Test of Self-Efficacy and
      Parameterization Changes as Possible Explanations for the Especial Skills Phenomenon
      at the 60.5 Foot Distance for Highly Experienced Baseball Pitchers. Journal of Sport and
      Exercise Psychology 2007

Wilson, G.J, Simons, J., Wilson, J.M. & Rodriquez, W. The Non-Emergence of an Especial
      Skill: Good is Not Enough. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology. 2007

Wilson, J.M., L. M. Hornbuckle, J-S. Kim, B. A. Sommer, S-R. Lee, T. Diah, B. Dalmeau, D. Mendez, and L. B. Panton, The Effects Of Static Stretching On Energy Cost And Endurance Performance During Treadmill Running. Med Sci Sports Exerc 40(5):S43, 2008.

Kim, J-S., J. M. Wilson, S-R. Lee, G. J. Wilson, B. Sommer, J. Colon, T. Diah, D. Mendez, J. D. Kingsley, and L. B. Panton. Acute Timing Effects of β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate (HMB) Supplementation on Muscle Strength and Soreness. Med Sci Sports Exerc 40(5):S7, 2008.

G.J. Wilson, J.M. Wilson.  The Effects of HMB Supplementation on Muscle Tissue Structure and Function, Current and
     Future Research Implications JISSN, 5:S10, 2008.

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications

Wilson, J.M., and G.J., Wilson. (2006). Contemporary issues in protein requirements and  
      consumption for resistance trained athletes. Journal of the  International Society of
      Sports Nutrition
. 3(1):7-27.,f1000m,isrctn

McCullagh, P., & G.J., Wilson. (2007). Psychology of Physical Activity: What should      
     undergraduates students know? Quest. Human Kinetics. 59: 42-54.

Andersen, M.B., P., McCullagh, and G.J., Wilson. (2007) But what do the numbers
     really tell us? Calibration and arbitrary metrics in sport psychology research
     Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology. 29(5):664-72.

Wilson, G.J.
and J.M., Wilson, Manninen, A. Effects of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB) on exercise
     performance and body composition across varying levels of age, sex, and training experience: A review. Nutrition     
& Metabolism 2008, 5:1 Achieved:

Wilson, J.M. and Flanagan, E. (2008).  The effects of elastic energy in work, force, and
       power output.  Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: In Press

Wilson, J.M. and G.J., Wilson. A Practical Approach to the Taper.  (2008). The Strength
       and Conditioning Journal.
20(2): 10-26.

White, J., Wilson, J.M., Panton, L.B. (2008) Effect of Carbohydrate-Protein Supplement
         Timing on Acute Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage.  Journal of the International
          Society of Sports Nutrition. Achieved,f1000m,isrctn

Simons, J, Wilson, J.M., Wilson, G., Theall, S. & Rodriquez, W.  A Test of Self-Efficacy and Parameterization Changes
       as Possible Explanations for the Especial Skills Phenomenon at the 60.5 Foot Distance for Highly Experienced
       Baseball Pitchers. Research Quarterly of Exercise and Sport (In Press).

Book Chapters

Moffatt, R. J., Wilson, J.M., Lawrence, T.  Nutrition for resistance training in middle aged adults. In: Nutrition for middle aged adults.  TF-CRC  (In Press)


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