Muscle Fiber Ratios Explained
by Jacob Wilson

Hardcore gains rely on a hardcore edge.  We intend on giving the athlete each and every weopon known to man, and then some!  With that said, we have introduced a new section on the site, which is dedicated to muscle fiber ratios.  It will allow you to determine at a click if a muscle group is primarily slow, or fast.  This month marks the introduction of this new feature, but we will add more muscle groups, and further in depth information on a continual basis!  Here are the instructions for using this feature

1.  All of the bodyparts will be displayed in the Anatomy Section of the site.  Simply Click the Anatomy button on the navigational screen and click the option marked " muscle fiber ratios "  Once there, simply select a bodypart

2.  You will need a flash player to view them.  If you do not have one, click here to download it

3.  Once you click a body section, such as the thighs, Each muscle group will be listed on the left of the screen.  You will simply choose a number, type it in and the muscle you seek will be highlighted.  It is all explained within each aspect of the body.  Just click the hyperlink, its actually very simple.

4. These are what the numbers you will read stand for

A.  If you see something like so Muscle X is 35 percent Slow Twitch and 65 percent Fast Twitch, then this is self explanatory. 

B.  On many occations, we do not list ratios but rather the primary make up of a muscle group.  For example, I might say that the hamstrings are Primarily Fast Twitch Phasic.  Phasic means fast or explosive movements work it.  Or I may say a certain forearm muscle is primarily Slow Twitch Tonic - Meaning it has a majority of slow twitch muscle fibers.  Therefore some muscle groups are listed with exact numbers, and others are listed wholly. 

As stated, we will continually add and update this section, with new muscle groups, further fiber ratios, and greater features.

Additionally, we have several articles on the site, explaining how to target specific fiber types.  I suggest utilizing these to their fullest. 

Jacob Wilson
President Abcbodybuilding / Hyperplasia Magazine


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