Legs Introduction

The most powerful muscles in our bodies reside in the space between the hips and the ankles. On the front of your thighs, you have the quadriceps, the work- horses of the legs. Whether you're running, jumping or pushing, your quads are right in the thick of it, channeling the power of your lower body. 

On the inside and outside of your thighs, you have adductor and abductor muscles, respectively. These muscles run all the way up to the hip and help you close your legs or move them out to the side. Meanwhile, on the back side of your thighs are the hamstrings or leg biceps, the cords of muscle that work opposite the quadriceps. 

Everything the quads get you into, the hams get you out of. When you coil for a leap, the hamstrings help spring you forward; when you swing your leg back for a kick, the quads help you put that extra snap on the ball. Working together, your hams and quads also serve another vital function they stabilize and protect your knees.  Also basically the better shape your legs are in, the faster you will be in any sport you decide to play! 






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