Legg Press Calf Raise

Here we isolate the calf muscles

Implementation: Sit in a leg press machine and push against the plate with your feet until your legs are fully extended. Press forward with your toes and the balls of your feet, pushing the foot pad forward a few inches. Feel your calf muscles contract. Hold the press a moment, then relax. To work your main calf muscles, keep your feet straight. To work your outer calves, point your toes in, with your heels out. To work your inner calves, change that position to toes out and heels in. When you are done, carefully return the plate to its original position. An important note: Leg press machines vary considerably in de- sign. If the plates on your machine permit, do this exercise with your heels extending below the bottom edge of the plate so that just the balls of your feet are touching. This will permit you to move your foot through its full range of motion as you do the exercise. However, many machines have large plates that prohibit hang- ing your heels; in this case, your foot extension will be less.


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