Introduction to Layman's JHR

As authors of the premium scientific bodybuilding journal in existence, The Journal of HYPERplasia Research (JHR), we pride ourselves in our ardent scientific articles. We refuse to make one claim or recommendation without backing ourselves up with numerous scientific references. This is what makes our journal such an incredibly valid and reliable source of information.

However, though the terms are explained thoroughly throughout our articles, it can be a daunting task to consume many of our articles which are not only massive— commonly over 10,000 words In length—but also information dense.

Based on this knowledge, and popular demand from our fans, we are happy to announce the release of The Layman’s Journal of HYPERplasia Research!

While we refuse to compromise our staunch scientific methods, we have decided to add a Layman’s version to all of our articles.

These articles will consist purely of practical applications, such as how to take creatine. We will only explain concepts as they pertain to our practical applications. For example, in order to understand how to take creatine, it is useful to understand what Creatine is. So we will add a few definitions such as this so that the reader has a general understanding of some important concepts.

Secondly, the articles will be based on the data displayed in our JHR journal articles, and therefore, contain the highest reliability. If the reader would like to understand why we make these recommendations, and the evidence supporting them, they have no further to go than our JHR articles.

We will be adding many more articles to this section periodically in the future.

Enjoy the new feature!


The Writers of JHR


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