H.I.I.T. Aerobics, An Unconventional Way To Get Shredded!

Losing weight and getting ones body into shape takes dedication as well as know how.  It is extremely unfortunate, but I have seen numerous amounts of people try to lose weight the wrong way and fall short of their goals in spite of this.  However on a more positive note I have had the priceless pleasure of seeing people lose hundreds of pounds and keep them off permanently! 

As mentioned before taping into our fat stores goes beyond dedication.  Just as a magician pulls a rabbit out of his hat, you must be able to pull a fat burning tactic out of yours at a moments notice or your efforts could conceivably dry up like an old well.  Today I will discuss an extremely radical and relatively new tactic that you can add to your fat burning bag of tricks!  Who knows it might be just what you need to magically Wisk away those last few pounds.

To start let me ask you a question.  When it comes to burning fat what exercise comes to your mind immediately? 

I am sure that many of you said Aerobics.  However a complete program should intricately combine both weight training and aerobics seamlessly if your goal is to drop fat like a bad habit!  But today we will unconventionally concentrate on the later.

Traditionally aerobics last 30 to 60 minutes and are performed at a modest pace in which the participant can still carry on a decent conversation.   This is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to burn fat, bar none!  However, there are other ways, which effectively rev your metabolic rate, so efficiently, that you can conceivably accomplish more in 5-15 minutes, then in three to five times that amount of time, via traditional slow mo training. 

What I am discussing is a method based on the concept of thermogenesis.  That is, the creation of heat.  As the bodies temperature rises, so does the metabolism, by astounding numbers in fact. 

The key within this workout regimen, is to raise your basal metabolic rate during and for quite some time following the session.  This entails extreme work, but in a rush like manner.


1.  Train at insane intensity levels, in a rev like fashion
2.  Raise fat burning hormones such as epinephrine and nor epinephrine
3.  Suppress Insulin Levels
4.  Raise Your Basal Metabolic Rate
5.  Sit back and allow your revved metabolism to effectively burn fat at an extreme rate

Usage Guidelines

As stated, the main goal is to rev the metabolism.  By increasing cellular respiration, you effectively increase heat output, and therby raise the body's core temperature.  You can choose from a number of activities, such as.


The whole goal is to rev the metabolism through a cyclic type of activity.  I will outline three specific methods for utilizing this, and I will do so for one complete cycle, using track running as the example.  This is based on someone who is in general aerobic conditioning.  But I will outline it for others as well after the guidline.

Step One - Arrive at the track, and warm up by walking for a minute briskly, followed by a nice stretch

Step Two - Let the games begin!  You will lightly jog to begin for one minute.  This will probably utilize 50 percent of your total capacity to train.

Step Three - Raise the pace of the jogging for the following 60 seconds.  This should follow closely to 60 percent of your maximum capacity to run.

Step Four - Raise this up one more level to approximately 70 percent of your capacity for a minute

Step Five - Repeat to 80 for one minute

Set Six - Repeat to 90 percent for one minute

Step Seven - Go all out for one minute!

That is one cycle, now at this stage, if not accustomed to interval training, you will simply cool down for two minutes and hit the showers.  However, if you are accustomed, you will repeat the cycle one more time.  That would last for 16 all out minutes.  However, some take it to twenty.  In this case, I recommend a half cycle for the third go around, like this

Third Cycle

Step One: You have just finished sprinting all out, now you will jog at about 60 percent capacity
Step Two: Run at 80 percent for another minute
Step Three: All out!
Step Four: Cool Down

Burst Interval Training

This, has quite a bit of appeal to me.  It allows you to focus more on the task at hand, and I rather like this style.  It calls for quick bursts, followed by slower cooled paces.  Here's how it works. 

Step One: Warm up at about 50 percent for 30 seconds

Step Two: Step it up to 60 percent for 30 seconds

Step Three: Run at a quick pace at 80 percent for 30 seconds

Step Four: go back down to 50 percent for 30 seconds

Step Five: Step this up to 90 percent! for 30

Step Six: Back down to 50 percent for 30

Step Eight: repeat cycle

Maintain for a minimum of 1 cycle, do not continue for more than 20 minutes.

Third Option

If you are into the extreme, make it fun.  Find a place with some excellent slopes to utilize, or even set up cones.  You can create a opstical course so to speak.  For example, you may be good on skates.  Set yourself up some cones in the street, and when the all out intensity comes, perform stops and starts all out for 30.  The point is to raise your metabolic rate and keep it revved! 

Additional Options

There are those who recommend training first thing in the morning, or post workout when fat burning is at a high.  If doing this, taking BCAAs may be an intelligent option before training.  It is also recommended to not eat 30-60 minutes following the workout so as to maximize calorie expenditure from stored fat reserves.  Once again, BCAAS may slow catabolism. 

Finally, each of us has a specific conditioning level.  Your may be walking pace, or it may be much quicker.  I would also recommend intense stretching following training. 


Do you have the guts?

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