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Default Nutrient Periodization questions

Hey guys, I have been listening and reading everything I can on nutrient programming, (Ie: having a breakfast higher in fat and protein to program the body to use fat preferentially as fuel), been trying this to see how its works as well as following cyclical bulking (4 weeks on 2 weeks off), but in the pod casts I listened to with BPAK and Dr.Wilson they mention periodization of your nutrients is a smart practice. So I was wondering how would one go about doing that? and what would an example look like? I follow the high fat breakfast and time a lot of carbs around/after workouts and do cyclical bulking, is this the same thing? sorry for being so long winded.
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A typical training year for a individual can usually be broken down into four cycles: the preparation cycle, the build cycle, the competition cycle, and the transition cycle. Periodization of the nutrients for this rough cycle breakdown would be to coincide your nutrient intake to match what cyclic stage you are currently in. If you would like to provide your diet, goals, current training stage and supplements regime I am sure that many of us will have very helpful insights to help you obtain your goals.
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