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Default but the commitment to this kind of thing very seriously.

In the sky, the football has crossed the goal line at low altitude, and then dived into a white net.

The "ball ... ball - into - you!!!" Segment Bin confirm a moment, nfl jerseys cheap,then shouted.

Lensing falling from the sky, only to see the soccer goal in spring Da his goal again Chu transit ripped through the use of long-range ...

24 meters long shots! Faster amazing! Chu goal he scored of the season the first league goal! Hoffenheim 2:1 quite Bayern Munich first, they completed a reversal! '

"Last season Chu in Hoffenheim a ball is to Dortmund in the fifth round of the league to enter, and the season before the first round, he went into the ball, evidently his scoring ** enhanced, this is a good news for Hoffenheim, they are more of a Terminator while for Hoffenheim opponents, can nothing good news, look at Lensing's expression, he but the private ...... "

Chu transit after a goal is very excited, and again into a ball and Bayern Munich's key game. He did not run to the corner flag area, while in situ, fists roared. Then excited teammates rushed up and he drowned.

The Rhine a Neckar pitch Chu transit detonated the ball, stitched nfl jerseys ,cheers resounding.

"Hoffenheim! Hoffenheim!" Cries came. As a symbol of German football, Bayern Munich has a unique position in the hearts of countless German, a lot of people mention Bayern Munich will feel that it is an invincible battleship. But the face of such a Big Mac, the small village of Hoffenheim but overturned his continuous series, this is really something to be proud to be proud of the things.

"Viva!" Abel holding his arms jumped.

Until Daniel leaned Jinzuan fists as if to vent the gas ball, slumped and sat back. His worst fears, that China Chu like Bayern Munich's nemesis ...

If he knew that Chu transit experience playing in Metz, will affirm the idea - Chu transit indeed Bayern Munich's nemesis. In fact, Chu transit wealthy nemesis designed grams wealthy. FA grams Chelsea, to another spate grams in the UEFA Cup and the Bundesliga, nfl jerseys from china, Bayern Munich lost.

A broader stage for him to prove his nemesis true colors, and that is the Champions League, to be able to participate in that game, basically wealthy countries top.

Daniel moved to the line of sight still cheering Abel, I thought this kid is really getting Changkuang, ah ...... but how can you like it? Abel jumped up to beat it? That is not enough, he also remember that gambling does play themselves and Abel at the end of last season - if Hoffenheim can win, Daniel is no longer bullied Abel.

Although Daniel is very muddy, but the commitment to this kind of thing very seriously.

Van Gaal angrily throw away the tactical board has been in the hand, and then returned to the bench Bickering, a sitting down there sulking.

In this defense, the the Bayern defense completely Hoffenheim 8 Chu transit playing round and round. It now appears that Chu transit stop in the middle of the ball that moment turned out to be intentional, and if he does not pause, directly in the football pass past Ram et al did not leave the sidewalk, empty when it does not exist, Baker can not easily get the ball, cheap nfl authentic jerseys,Bayern defense will not be mobilized, he would not be long shots in the middle when unmarked ...... the thought of this, Van Gaal uncomfortable.

From the outset, Bayern Munich fall into Chu transit areas, in addition to present it he writes the screenplay, is simply no other choice.

He seemed to be able to control people's minds, he is actually only control of the situation to influence the direction of thinking of the Bayern players, before a series of quick attacks, the Bayern players have gradually formed not thinking, by instinct and experience to do the habit - because so fast Pace, they do not have time to think. So they will be in transit Chu Road, the ball naturally came together, they in football suddenly reached the sidewalk, rush rush Anti completely ignored Chu transit also Zhong it.

This is the rhythm of Hoffenheim, Chu transit rhythm ......

Hoffenheim has always been so, then the plan may have to change to change. Domestic league Bayern's back garden does not look very peaceful, and Bayern Munich to be careful the situation to the end of the season.Coach Bags outlet,Champions League win this too difficult, Even Van Gaal people, not promise, but the domestic league is clearly smaller difficulty.

Bayern this season seems to put more energy transfer from the European arena up to the domestic arena. Resisting Foreign Aggression, Van Gaal does not know the famous Chinese idiom, but the reason he is clear, first of all this is to overthrow the dominance of Bayern "peasant uprising to crackdown on domestic"
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