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Default New - UDP & Strength/Hypertophy Fan


I came here by way of Layne & Zoudor. I have been looking/listening to much of their stuff recently and I like it. I have a basic background in WSB training and it has helped me achieve some decent lifts.

My PR (gym of course):

Bench: 335
Squat: 350
Dead: 555

If you look at those lifts you'll turn your head like a confused puppy and ask "how the hell does your bench almost match your squat?" I don't know! Maybe it's my skeletal make up? Longer longs and shorter torso ala my good deadlift.

I'm looking to increase my motivation/knowledge base with regards to training and nutrition.

My nutrition has been the worst of both the two.

I am 5'10 and fluctuate between 185-195 lbs with probably 10% bodyfat (i'm guessing).

My goals by the year end:

weight: 205lbs

Bench: 350 lbs
Squat: 405 lbs
Dead: 600 lbs

Yes a daunting task indeed. But I'm aiming for those and if I fall short in fighting for them then so be it.

Look forward to conversing and discussing.


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