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Default the club's popularity here

Treasures,Authentic nfl jerseys,and Wang Weilie shouting loudly, do not know that to say something, the two of them from Shi Jun's words clearly feel young coach concerned with their own two, and even the retreat gave them prepare for the next , but they really retreat What?

Seeing two kid emotions seemed wrong, stone military smiled: "hey, I is blind to worry about what the original or Lao Wan and I you move into the Let's youth team, Lao Wan over principal He can give you two losses eat? Oh, I have confidence in you, how to say you are let club in one hand and culture, and maybe the future can we club banner it, do it! "

"Yes!" Two kid should be heard, even the character has always been assertive Wang Weilie This also appears to be some silence. I & reading

Shi Jun open to talking, cheap nhl jerseys wholesale,the car atmosphere gradually active, Shi Jun constantly told two kid the attention to what future training should be strengthened to which these parting words, sentence point two a kid natural humility.

Speaking of the for treasures and Wang Weilie current situation understanding, Shi Jun is absolutely far more than the nations strong, and Shi Jun and 000 Guoqiang He has been a professional player, more experienced, he gives recommendations are also for two disadvantaged kid in the game, two kid natural to Shi Jun to them on the last day of class in mind.

And other charges at the end of the mouth of Kazakhstan and major highway into view, wholesale nike elite jerseys,Shi Jun also stop things repeatedly emphasized, the treasure-house of, and Wang Weilie a summary of nothing more than two aspects: one is not smoking, drinking to abstinence, to develop good career habits, to cherish their career; And then there are the efforts of hard training to enhance their own strength, to improve their own standard of football.


Black Dragon Jianye training base is located in the outskirts of the provincial capital Harbin, where the original is an empty wasteland before the village could not be counted on could not shop, Black Dragon Jianye has chosen to select the piece of land as a training base.

Because without him, do not forget the Black Dragon Jianye fourteen directors are doing, Nfl jerseys china,they play that type of turning waste into treasure trick, select this vast wasteland They are not only investing in building a training base, more heart led by the club's popularity here, here built a modern residential area, that time not only the club's investment can be recovered, even derive huge profits.

Stone army more than a year did not return here, drove off in the spacious tarmac, watching Road side of the three-meter-high walls, the hearts of all of a sudden some emotion: Lao now has the master can When himself to a different identity back here then?

Think of this self-deprecating smile Shi Jun, Elite nfl jerseys,the idea to see how all wishful thinking Mile! Next to not own tactical ability in this regard, and the nations of the gap, it is not a star the slightest.

The treasures and Wang Weilie two kid sitting in the car, curious look at the tall iron fence.
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