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Old 12-18-2012, 12:02 AM
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Default Here i am again

Well I used to be on this site back when I was in the armed forces. been a few years since I left, and when I left the forces I left the gym aswell.
Going to the gym used to be easy mostly because I HAD to lol
Now that the pressure is off im trying to figure out how to motivate myself to get back in there.
From what I read on here, I am under the assumption that I should basically just get in there and start lifting more than focusing on making the ultimate routine right off the bat.
I have very strong legs and back compared to the rest of my body, should I still be exercising these muscles as much as the others such as chest and arms etc.
also I know that im going to catch some flak for this one, but I don't really want to focus on my diet so much right now, I'm not fat, not thin, basically right in the middle at 6'1 and 200 lbs. am I wrong for not wanting to work on my diet right away?
any advice appreciated as far as workouts and eating right goes.
basically ive been going to the gym 3 days a week and doing the following

pull ups wide and narrow grip
push ups
sit ups (with kettle ball)
shoulder presses (on machine)
bicep curls with dumbells
I do all of these until failure, then rest and repeat three times
then I usually go swimming for about half an hour.
any advice would be great,
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Old 12-27-2012, 10:20 PM
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I agree your ideas on getting back into the gym. The concept reminds me of when I was well overweight and had to change my diet to start dropping weight. Initially I had a lot of questions, but what I eventually realized was that the only way I was going to get results is if I actually took the knowledge that I did have and actually DO IT and put it to use. Its interesting to note that in the end, I eventually realized that (putting aside satiety issues and athletic performance) cutting calories was the only thing that mattered when it came to dropping the fat. Thats the golden rule that will never change.

Aside from that, when it came to adherence, there was also one big lesson that I learned when I was in college, and it kept coming back up time over and over again in my life. That is, just about anything is better than nothing, and therefore the best routine you can do is the one that you can adhere to. As an example, if I was working 60+ hours per week, I'd probably only workout once per week. I actually did that earlier this year to get in the best shape I've been in over a decade. With compound movements and rest pause sets, you really can make a workout brutal enough to make it affective enough to stay strong while dieting. The rest I took care of with diet.

Now I'm not saying that one workout per week is the best. But the point is that if it can be effective, and it is, one should never have an excuse for not training at all. Arthur Saxon was the strongest man in the world about a century ago, and he used to only workout twice per week when at his strongest. I've also known world class powerlifters that only workout twice per week. So there really should be no excuse. Keep your workouts simple and hard, 1-3 weight sessions per week should be plenty (depending on your schedule), I suppose unless you want to be a pro bodybuilder, and let the diet take care of the rest.

So in summary: Don't ever quit. If your schedule gets in the way, just make the right adjustments to your workout as necessary, even if that means reducing total time in the gym.

As a side note, I also learned a good lesson this year. Physical activity is good for you. It makes you happy, makes you feel good, reduces stress, and moderate intensity activity even helps your immune system. So if you're spending less time in the gym for what ever reason, hopefully you'll still be doing something out of the gym such as working or playing, or even a nice walk, anything physical.

My additional notes on diet are as follows:
Just like with workouts, keep it simple. Want to see those abs? Eat less and the fat will come off. Simple as that. Knowing and applying that and you'll keep the fat off for life. I promise.
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Old 01-21-2013, 07:17 AM
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I actually did that a few months ago to get in the best form I've been in over a several years. With substance motions and relax stop places, you really can create a exercise intense enough to create it successful enough to remain powerful while diets. The relax I took care of with diet program.
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Old 01-28-2013, 09:57 AM
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Welcome back bro. I too was in the armed forces. I started coming to this site before I went in and continued to come here ever since. You just have to get in there with a little bit of motivation and a little bit of dedication. If you focus on your diet as much as your training you'll get the best results. From my experience when i would just go to the gym and not focus on my diet at all I would get a little stronger and my endurance would improve slightly, but that was about it. When I began to focus on diet as well, pretty much everything improved including strength, endurance, size, definition, etc. That's just something you will have to do if you want the best results. Of course your protein intake should always be high no matter if you're trying to loose fat or gain muscle. I've always made good gains keeping protein intake between 1-1.5g per pound of body weight. Carbs seem to be the money maker for me, I just increase them when I'm trying to gain more size or decrease them when I'm trying to loose fat. For example, I've made good size gains consuming 300-400g of carbs per day and got pretty ripped consuming around 100g of carbs per day. You just have to find out what works for you through trial and error.
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