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Originally Posted by Link View Post

and I find the best training is general strength training, with HIIT cardio and almost like a cross fit type training supplemented on various days.

Last few months I have been getting ready to join up with the army so I have incorporated HIIT for the first time in my life on a serious basis. It sucks, makes me itchy (IDK why maybe I'm just weird) around my chest and stomach, but it works awesome.

As far as lifting, something general is all that's needed, as strength is GENERAL.

I have been doing this routine with AWESOME results:

1. Low bar squats
2. Front squats
3. Deadlifts
4. Dips - negative only
5. Chinups - negative only
6. Bench
7. Pendlay rows
8. OHP
9. Lately been doing ab roller (actually a really good core exercise).

Usually the reps are in the 5-7 range, with a couple RP thrown in there and some statics as well. I try everything I can to make the set as HARD as possible and, since it's a very heavy weight, as PROLONGED as possible. I beleive the longer you can stay under a heavy weight, the better.

I just use one set.

Started it three times a week, now I just do it twice, with a third 'light' workout for recovery on the Wednesday workout.

I have switched around the exercises a little, using DB's instead of BB's, doing SLDL instead of regular deads, db rows instead of with a barbell, things like that. But I basically stick to this format with totally awesome strength gains.

Then I HIIT on the same day. good stuff.
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