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i hate that phrase.. overtraining! ben esgro did squats and presses DAILY 3 weeks out of contest.. overtraining hardly ever happens to non elite athletes its usually lack of food or sleep.
deads take 7-21 day recovery.. false.. i hit my heaviest deadlift last month.. WHILE DIETING and working back twice a week... 518lb.. my heaviest by over 12lb.
my dead lift consisted of 4 sets of 20 at 120kg, 2 sets of 10 at 160-180kg then 1 set heavy...
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Old 03-15-2013, 05:57 AM
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Well the bench is the most overrated lift on the earth. The dead lift will do more for overall durability and development then the bench ever will. I have actually had some of my best benches a day after dead lifting but if you think that is a issue then give yourself sufficient relax between the two of them.
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I did a study a while back, where we looked at the effects of deadlift and squat on bench press power the next day. It seems like the fatigue from these lifts is great enough to decrease bench press power the next day. So it may be a central nervous system issue.
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I've actually super setted dead lifts with Incline barbell press for a few weeks when I was super setting back and chest together and it had no effect on my strength. Actually I was getting stronger on both exercises week by week. It could be your CNS or conditioning. I would also focus on proper nutrition and rest because dead lifts are very taxing on your body. Also I've found that stretching and light cardio tremendously speeds my recovery time. If it's seriously that taxing on your body I would consider using a little less weight or doing less overall sets.
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Originally Posted by keeptruckin View Post
Has anyone here had the experience that doing deadlifting adversely affects your bench press? I have bad knees and alternate between squat and deadlift. But every time I start with the deadlifts, my bench suffers.
Thats true, you cannot improve on the 3 lifts which is squat bench press and deadlift.

As a powerlifter as myself, you cannot improve on the 3 lift. there is one lift that will suffer.

Maybe one reason that affect your bench press is beacuse you do bench press the next day you did your deadlift. When you do deadlift it affects your lower back and your lats and traps which has a great impact when you do bench.

Do you do heavy lift when you do bench or you arching your back?
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