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Old 05-17-2013, 01:27 AM
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Default Osteolysis of the Distal Clavicle...I.E. My Shoulder Hurts.lol

Ok, so about 7 months ago, I was on the bench press maxing out and felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. I racked the weight and didn't lift anymore for the day. Woke up the next day and had very limited range of motion in my shoulder. Went to the doctor and he told me I had Osteolysis of the Distal Clavicle. He said my options were to take anti-inflammatories and weight for the pain to decrease, or take a cortizone shot, or lastly have a surgical procedure performed where they actually shave down my clavicle. Obviously I've been a little hesitant with going very hard in the gym too soon. The Doctor cleared me to lift so I've started back. However, I wanted to know if anyone here has had to deal with that type of injury before and how you dealt with it?

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I have not had that particular type of injury.

My main advice (since you are cleared to lift), would just be to keep form perfect and stay away from lifts much above 90% of your max.

And if you ever feel it start to bother you slightly, don't be afraid to ease off it and focus on other exercises that don't cause pain.

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I would leave the bench out for a couple of weeks and just use dumbells. Or at the least do dumbells first so as to make sure you are warmed up well. Which is what I do.
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