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Default BSN NO-Xplode 3

So, i decided to take a punt on the new NO-xplode after talking to a few people about it, The profile including 6g L-Arginine was an interest, Profile wise it seems like a superdosed version of NO products
Its main ingredients (per 2 scoops) are 300g Caffeine per 2 scoops, 3g creatine, 2.6g Beta Allaline,

Taste - 8/10 - Blue raspberry is a strange one, it wasnt a bad taste but to me tasted more like shady

Mixability - 8.5/10 it did mix very easily however, it didnt enjoy being mixed in my shaker, it caused a pressure 'pop' like when shake soda, it does foam up but this disappears quickly when drinking it

Energy - 5/10 - While the score may appear low.. this is the one area i can not give much feedback on, i train with no carb pre, (coconut oil) and i am stimulant tolerant, the 300mg caffeine content is nothing for me, i can (and have) had certain branded energy drinks in bed and fall asleep,

Pump - 10/10 - I used this stuff alongside Layne Norton's PHAT system back & shoulder Hyp day (higher reps)... By the 4th back exercise my back was pumped, High reps , carbs pre-workout and 2 scoops was absolutely brutal , extreme pump. Almost a sore feel , amazing ,

Price - 8/10 - despite it looking expensive at 46 but you get 50 servings for that money so it is actually not too bad at less than 1 per serving, but definitely shop around for a good price

Overall 8-9/10 - flavouring is a one of those...the marmite effect... you will either love it or hate it.... so i recommend sourcing the smaller serving bag (12 serving) and trying it ,
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