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Old 04-11-2012, 05:47 PM
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Talking Hello, wanna build

Ok, so straight to the point. My name really is Donnie. I am 30 years old, 6 ft. tall, and I weigh about 170. According to the Govt. I'm almost the perfect build. I served in the U.S. Navy for almost 5 years, and I was one of the best runners at my command. I say this because I think it relivent to point out that I'm not new to working out, and also that because of all the body weight excersises I used to do, my joints are in pretty good shape. I would like to try my hand at muscle building and I'm really not sure where to start as different people I talk to keep telling me different things. I chose this sight to seek help because I consider myself a devout believer, and this sight advertises itself as Christian oriented. That said, this is what I think I know:

For building muscle I should be doing high weight, low reps...like something I can only curl or press (etc.) maybe 10 times. People tell me to alternate muscle groups, but what exactly does that mean? legs today, arms tomorow, rinse and repeat? Or is it more specific? About how much time (total) per day should I spend working out? Should it be all in one sitting, or broken up? Because of health issues, NOT related to my weight, I am on a special diet that is a lot like atkins. I can't have white sugar, any kind of grain or starch, and I can't have dairy (except some kinds of cheeses). This makes it very, very difficult for me to eat a lot of carbs. Don't know if that could be a problem, but just throwing it out there and also that I already eat TONS of protein. My doctor has me eating almost strictly meat and vegetables, and I can sometimes go through a dozen eggs per day. I also drink a ton of water. My best source of sugar (if I need it) is fruit. From what I know of suppliments, protein and creatine and other such things can help, but I'm told I should hold off on them until I've been working out for several weeks, because until my body understands what I'm trying to do, most of it will just go right through me.

Thanks for reading, and I really appreciate any help anyone can give

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Old 04-14-2012, 01:41 AM
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Welcome; to build muscle I would recommend a Power/Hypertrophy split. The first two days of the week would be split into upper and lower body power where you're looking to move the maximum amount of weight that you can hit the 3-5 rep range with. Take a day off and the next three days split up the body parts and do the traditional bodybuilding training 8-12 rep range. I've put on more size doing this than any other training method.
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Good advice Cory,
Welcome to the board Donnie
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advice, newbie

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