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1. Christ knows your problem.
2. Faith is to trust in God. Thats all. It gets no more simpler than that. Believe in a God, that is Christ.
3. ALL OF US experienced doubt before. Even I did. No one has never had a smooth sailing. I experience doubt nearly everyday. I feel like a hypocrite too. I have my fears too. BUT this doesn't mean that we have no faith. Faith is to trust GOD no matter what you feel. Its like a blind trust, in spite of contradictions. But it will be WORTH IT.
3.Memorizing scriptures, listening to sermons, and getting advice is good. But does God respond to these 'Holy' actions alot? THE best action is to PRAY. PRAY, and PRAY, and PRAY, and when you feel down, PRAY, and when you feel its going nowhere, PRAY. A simple prayer is better than all those 'healings' and sermons.
4. Meditation in Christianity means to spend time thinking about God, about his works, reading his words, listening to Godly songs and etc.

I hope this is helpful to you. If I have made a mistake anywhere, please do correct me.

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