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Old 12-26-2011, 07:26 PM
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Default One-Arm T-bar Press

I just thought that I should share a exercise variation that hits the shoulders pretty good. Tonight I did One-arm standing T-bar presses for shoulders. I just added weight to the T-bar, stood in front of it, hoisted it up in the air to my shoulder with a neutral grip, grabbed the bar on the end were weight is loaded on, and pressed away. I actually worked up to the same amount of weight I use for seated dumbell press.
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I made an attatchment for my tbar can do two hand presses, front squats,.machine style hack squats old school hack squats aka reverse dead lifts and a few others. It reallly hits you from a different angle . Have u seen the torsonator? Very similer its,a tbar reinvented but over priced and easy enough to rig up at home

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