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Old 12-05-2011, 08:50 PM
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Default My Supplementation.

I was really big into supplementation in college. I wanted to build as much muscle and gain as much strength as genetically possible. It consisted of:
Optimum nutrition's whey & casein,
Vitargo creatine,
HMB (after the research done at FSU ),
cod liver oil,
cromium picolinate,
& a Flinstones Vitamin (lol, yes i ate them).

Now that I've graduated, I'm focused more on being healthy, a lean muscular physique, with the ability to still break PRs. I've kept on using ONs whey and casein, but I'm thinking about hopping back onto HMB, creatine, & BCAA supplements. Now, I'm questioning if its going to be a waste of money, or if these supplements are still somewhat essential to a "washed-up meathead's" (as per Joe Defranco) diet or if I can do without. Thanks for the response.

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