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Old 03-05-2010, 12:56 AM
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Default Blue skies, green pastures, etc.

I thought Iíd finally start up a journal so that I could track my progress and so that I can get some advice/criticism on my diet, workouts and just general ideas. This site has been a great source of information and getting my head around some of the concepts presented on here have only been made easier thanks to these forums.

Iím 21 (22 in a couple of weeks) years old, about 190cmís and around 83 kgís (around 183lbs and 6í2 for you non-metric people! :P). Iíve been an on and off member of a gym for around 8 years now but the majority of the time I never stuck to it for more than 6-12 months. I attribute this mainly to the fact that I was quite obese (around 135-140kgís) and never stuck to anything for long enough to achieve results. Of course, all of this was my fault completely, but now Iím happy to say that Iím writing this from the other side of the fence. Around 2 years ago I decided to make a lifestyle change and drastically changed my diet and actually stuck to a (very basic) cardio routine. I probably didnít do the right thing because for a little while my calories were well under what I should have been eating so I lost a lot of muscle along with a lot of fat, and as a result Iím now having to start with low muscle mass and still a bit of stubborn fat thatís going to be a pain to get rid of.

Anyway, enough of the introductions, these are the goals Iím looking to achieve over time.

Long Term Ė have a body fat of around 10%. The amount of muscle I have isnít determined, but I donít want to be a massive body-building monster, but I definitely want a bit of mass.

Mid-Term (12 months) Ė Looking to lower my BF% to about 15-17%. At an estimate, I think Iím around 19% now but canít be sure. Overall, to get rid of the body fat that I need to I need to bulk up quite a bit to ensure that my metabolism remains high.

Short Term (6 months) Ė BULK!!! Basically Iím looking to do a clean bulk so that I can build as much muscle as possible. As Iíll still be doing quite a bit of cardio over the next 6 months, Iím hoping to lose a bit of body-fat as well. On top of that, I donít think Iíll ever drop cardio from my routines due to the fitness and conditioning benefits it has.

As I havenít done any lifting for the past 12 months Iím going to start by easing into everything before I start a proper routine. Iíve joined up at a gym again at the start of February and have been sticking to pretty basic compound lifts and am looking to start a proper routine after Easter (first week of April). Each of these lifting sessions will be followed by a cardio session as I really want to make sure that I keep up my fitness.

To give an idea of what Iíll be incorporating into my routine each week, it as basically as follows. I have a bit of a hectic work schedule so the times and frequency is a little strange sometimes, but I do what I can.

Monday: 10:00am Ė Gym: Consists of a 10 minute light jog on the treadmill followed by 45-60 mins of lifting. Cardio is 5 minuteís of light jogging on the treadmill, 20 minutes of HIT/HIIT, finishing with a 5-10 minute warm-down.

Tuesday: 6:30am Ė Jogging: Basically a 4km minimum jog around my area. Looking to increase distance every couple of weeks. Not looking for anything too strenuous here, I was considering doing some HIIT in the mornings but the running on the pavements kills my joints after a while so Iím going to stick with lower intensity/longer distance.

Wednesday: 6:30am Ė Jogging: As above.
6:30pm Ė Football Training: AFL (an Aussie sport!).

Thursday: 6:30am Ė Jogging: As above. This will depend on the intensity of the exercise done at footy training the day before.
6:30pm Ė Gym Session: As above.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: 4:00 Ė Gym Session: As above.

Sunday: Rest Day

Iím still tweaking my nutrition a little bit, but am tracking my meals so Iíll post some
of the info when I get the chance.

Running out of time at the moment as I have to get to work, but Iíll try and post some progress pics when I get the chance.
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Old 03-08-2010, 05:45 AM
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Haven't had a chance to put up much in here yet, but hit the gym today and Saturday. Don't have my results from Saturday because Melbourne had a heap of rain and half of my car got flooded so I lost what I had written, but it was basically the same as today. Still doing mainly compound excersises and taking it reasonably easy (In terms of the routine, not the intensity). The body is certainly feeling a lot better than it has been in a while, my fitness is improving every week and my form is getting better by the day. As for the increase in weights, they're getting there too.

I've been reading "Starting Strength" and am loving it at the moment. A lot of info and something to take out of what it's about, so hoping to move onto that soon.

Gym session was as follows... (Format is Sets/Reps/Weight in KG (Weight in lbs))

10 minute warmup walk/jog - 12 minutes (1.6km).

Lat Pulldown - (S/R/W kg)
3 / 8-10 / 63 (140lbs)

Leg Press - 3 sets
1 - 8 / 118 (260)
2 - 10 / 127 (280)
3 - 11 / 127 (280)

Vertical Chest Press -
1 - 8 / 38.5 (85)
2 - 8 / 38.5 (85)
3 - 6 / 38.5 (85)

Seated Row -
1 - 8 / 71.5 (157)
2 - 10 / 74 (163)
3 - 10 / 74 (163)

Squats -
1 - 10 / 50 (110)
2 - 10 / 60 (132)
3 - 10 / 60 (132)

Vertical Fly's -
3 / 10-12 / 42 (92)

Abdominal Crunches
3 / 12 / 52 (115)

Treadmill - 15 min jog/run - 2.2km

Rowing Machine - 2 km's.

Comments:- Going much better than what I was a couple of weeks ago, as I said I'm starting to notice slight results and the weights are increasing reasonably quickly. I'm really looking to target my chest at the moment as I feel that's lagging quite a bit. Looking to really add some weight to my squats as well as I feel they're a little low. Overall, I felt it was a good workout, I left feeling pretty good. Legs were like jelly though, especially after the rowing machine.

Diet-wise, I probably didn't have the best weekend, I had a family get-together yesterday so I probably ate a little more than I should have, but hey, what's life without letting loose a little! Got back into proper eating today however, and am looking forward to a nice thick steak for dinner.

Footy training on Wednesday, then another gym session on Thursday night.

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Old 04-15-2010, 01:27 AM
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Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Melbourne
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So I'd missed a couple of weeks of training due to some personal issues with the family and also myself, so I haven't really had a chance to get on here lately.
These things happen sometimes though, and I suppose you have to prioritise according to what's important to you.

As long as I can get back on the boat, I don't think I'll have lost too much (Especially considering I'm only just beginning).

I probably missed a week or two of training but have been getting back into it over the last two weeks again. I'm finding that my strength is definitely increasing with each workout session, a lot more than what they were previously. Body conditioning may have something to do with this, as I find myself being able to push myself a little further each time.

Quite happy with the cardio side of things too, Have been doing a 5.3km jog about 3-4 mornings a week and my times are getting better each time.

Hopefully heading to the gym tonight if I can squeeze it in after my doctors appointment, so will have to start logging some proper results in here.
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