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Old 12-05-2009, 10:55 PM
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Diet diet diet diet diet, I think you need to alter and move your diet to a more specific regimine and maybe have us go over it here. It is really surprising how many gains I saw once I took a real close look at my diet and stopped killing myself by eating things that were only hurting me in the long run.

I went from right around 18-22% body fat at 190ish lbs down to around 12% at at 200+ pounds. Not to mention I took a real serious look at all my lifts and workouts and tightened up my form on everything and added in some really serious amounts of squats and deadlifts, still on a split routine. I did this in about 5-6 months give or take, it was hard, took tons of determination and really was fatiquing at times, but I wouldnt let myself give up and now I feel amazing and I reached and surpassed all of my lifting goals.

You really have to put the time in with your lifting, cardio, and diet to really see difference in mass and definition over awhile, it takes time and lots of determination but the good news is that it WORKS, no matter what I have never heard of anyone complain about not gaining size and power when they are really into their routine and diet and they give it the right amount of time before you see results.

Best of luck!
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Old 12-15-2009, 11:44 AM
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Define few times per week, it does not sound like TWO times.

Aurthor Saxon was a cirkus performer, visit cirkus when they are training and try one of their workouts - it is gymnast-like.
That is NOT counting as training? He was training almost every day.

Clarence Bass has been training much more often before he changed his mind and started his monday / thursday plan. He was big before it. Then with higher NEPA and a couple of workouts and sound nutrition he lost bodyfat at very low rate. Was his workout optimal?
Maybe for him? Was he drugfree at his later age? None knows? How he trained at the end is not a reflection of how he trained BEFORE that. He had GREAT results before that and was a gifted individual. He is older too now, your recovery abilites goes down with age.

Janet Faroane is following a typical west-side workout and trains 3 x times per week WITH WEIGHTS. Probably additional cardio too.

I don't have time to talk about other names you mentioned, but I'm sorry, those are not 2 hours / week people. They are NOT.

If two times were optimal for 99% of population, everyone would be in great shape now, but they are not. People who are dedicated are in good shape though.

THEE DAYS is good enough for most, two days is just stupid. There is absolutely NOTHING pointing in direction that 2 days will make you great. Nothing.
To be stimulated into growing, a muscle fiber must not only be recruited, but also exhausted. - Vladimir Zatsiorsky
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right well firstly when losing weight fruits are lower down then oats etc (excluding grapefruit) as they are faster acting carbs so not really optimal, carbs want to be slow digesting and lower overall amounts, majority of time cutting i intake carbs 3 times a day. breakfast and pre/post workout (weight workout onl)

(type 1) slow muscles are more efficient at using oxygen to generate more fuel (known as ATP) for continuous, extended muscle contractions over a long time. They fire more slowly than fast twitch fibers and can go for a long time before they fatigue. Therefore, slow twitch fibers are great at helping athletes run marathons and bicycle for hours, in other words cardio you should be good at so with diet and good cardio fat holding shouldnt be a problem

Hardgainer, i really Hate this expression, everyone is a hard gainer 99.999999% of people find it hard to gain, the differences in someone who considers themselves a 'hard gainer' are usually poor diet even when spot on the only difference i have seen first hand between ectomporph and full endo morph was 3lb in different in lbm gain in 12 months (according to gyms weight machine)

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