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Old 06-15-2009, 06:47 PM
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Default Last_Three’s week in review

Last_Three’s week in review

Upon awaking at the ungodly hour of 5:30am everyday of this summer…the time at which I wake has nothing to do with this thread, I just wanted you to know how hard it is for me to make it to the gym that early…ANYWAYS, I thought a week-in review of events that went down in the gym this past little while might prove to be quite humorous. I’ll be giving the Plus and Minus to different situations, and ya’ll can chime in with “Amen brother,” “You tell them Sister,” “Boo,” and my favorite “You did not just go there girlfriend.” No...not really, but do feel free to chime in!

A Plus to the middle-aged women who complimented me on my Hawk Squats, saying and I quote “Those are really hard to do.” Yes…yes they are hard to do, I appreciate it.

A Plus to the girl who comes in every morning around the same time as I, and who can if she so desired beat the living crap out of me. Her form is impeccable, the weight she lifts is massive, and some of her lifts just plain scare me…but guess what? She’s still hot! Indeed, thumbs up to the hot female bodybuilder. I once asked her if the exercise she was doing (she was squat jumping onto a risen platform) helped her with explosive power. Her response was “I don’t know, I just do them because it feels good.” Good indeed…

A Minus to the middle-aged man who, for one reason or another, decides to squat at the same time as I every Monday morning. It doesn’t matter what exercise I do before, or how long I take to get to the squat rack…he’s always beside me. He gets a minus because he lifts more weight (I know…I’m ashamed, I would go hide in a cave but that really has been done to death) but squats about 2 inches before popping right back up…less weight, better form…Don't worrie boys I go to Parralel

A Minus to that B-tch of a female trainer who stole my ball(s)! The name of the balls eludes me at the moment, but you know those plastic blown up balls people use for core exercises? Well I had one of them, but there were two near where I was; I was supper setting leg press with wall (on the ball) weighted squats. In the middle of my second set of leg presses she stole both balls for her clients and moved them down the way! I immediately got up after my set and hunted down the last ball in the gym, placing it exactly where she took the other ones from and stared at her as I proceeded to go back to complete my leg press. This fouled up my mood good!

A Minus to another middle aged man who loads up the leg press every Tuesday with 7 plates a side and presses half a foot before coming back up.

A Minus to my gym being more busy at 6am then at 7am! What is that all about? My punishment for sleeping in an extra hour is a busier gym. God must not like me.

And that's my week in review. Remember, if women don't find you handy they should at least find you squating big weights (Canadians will get the reference).
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Old 06-16-2009, 03:45 AM
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Thanks for posting this, I got a good laugh out of it.
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I hate to disagree with you cobber but stealing equipment rates C- easy. Lower if she wasn't a girl. And don't worry 'bout god giving you a hard time. He's to busy over here tormenting us.
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Old 06-18-2009, 03:22 AM
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good funny stuff. i enjoy it when people dont take themselves too seriously and can actually find humor it there own pain. cheers to you sir!
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