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Originally Posted by BlueFlameEyes View Post
Hey guys, long time no post... I'm confused by a couple things in this article/thread.

The occlusion training method is based on using 20-50% of your 1 rep max, for recommended sets of 30/15/15/15... This doesn't sound like very low intensity to me. What percentage of your max would you normally do high rep sets with? I don't work with max at all, but I couldn't imagine using anywhere close to half of your max for a set of 15 let alone 30 reps.

Also, with no apparent increase of DOMS, how does this increase muscle growth? A good healthy muscle pain is the main sign of tearing muscle fibers, which is the only way a muscle grows.

This sounds like mostly a good shock technique to overcome a plateau, rather than a regular method of training. Any thoughts?

20% of 1RM is extremely low intensity...high reps are inherently low intensity...also, occlusion has been shown to increase DOMS, but DOMS is not necessary for muscle growth...this is not a shock technique...this is a very legit way to increase muscle growth...and in fact, some good stuff is going to be coming out on this in the near future...as in how occlusion training can increase protein synthesis in the elderly, despite the fact that they didn't increase with heavy resistance training...make no mistake about it...this is not a gimmick...this is not a "shock" technique, this is something to get on board with right now.
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hello to all
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anyone use something other than powerlifting wraps ?
surgical tubing or rubber bands or tensor-bandage?
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