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Lightbulb Muscles tire because they get too hot, not lack of energy


"Muscles donít wear out because they use up stored sugars, the researchers said. Instead, muscles tire because they get too hot, and sweating is just a backup cooling system for the lattices of blood vessels in the hands and feet."

"Grahn and his research partner, biologist Craig Heller, started working on the Glove at Stanford in the late 1990s as part of their research on improving physical performance."

"Vinh Cao, their squat, barrel-chested lab technician, used to do almost 100 pull-ups every time he worked out. Then one day he cooled himself off between sets with an early prototype. Within six weeks, Cao was doing 180 pull-ups a session. Six weeks after that, he went from 180 to more than 600."

This seems to go against the idea of warming up before working out...kinda.
I suppose you would still warm-up, and then when fatigue sets in, you cool down, and go back at it. If you did it in the right time frame, wouldn't you just loose a bit of heat, but still be more warm than you were before you warmed up? (e.g. you are 98.6 degrees, you warm up to 99, fatigue sets in a 99.3, cool down to 99 again) <-totally made up, just trying to show what I'm saying.
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