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Old 12-18-2008, 05:33 PM
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Default Spring Break in Cancun!

Ladies and Gents, Every man and womans dream is about to come true for a semi-young lad.

There comes a time in ones life where he looks back and the things he has done, the things he wished he always did, and the things he is **** proud of. My friends; in 3 months time, we can tick one off on the **** proud list. An age comes about where you come to a crossroads. For some it is 21, 22, 23, for myself it is 24. Where should I carry the rest of my life? I'll tell you where it's going to start. In a little place called Cancun, on March 13th, 2009. Lest the world have ended by this point, yours truly will be sipping the finest premiums in the sun. Surrounded by beautiful people that only the ABCBODYBUILDING elite trainees... no.. Soldiers- can appreciate; pushing to their maximum, sculpting and chiseling with every breath and every sweat to reach the pinnacle of perfection like a carrot on a string dangled in the tunneled vision, always an inch from grasp. We never desire to reach that carrot, perfection is already a thing of the past once reached and the next building block of evolution is already in front of us. .... .. . .

and so my journey takes a detour

Today, hardly a week from Christmas, I sit before the mirror with a wide frame. 5 foot 7, 180 pounds which I have Punched and lifted my way to through Intense training, Muay Thai and Boxing to keep me strong and Hockey to keep me fit. However, this physique will never be appreciated in a shallow view of the Cancun public. Nor will a scronny toned body be accepted by yours truly.

Having yet to measure my body fat percentage, I'm feeling in the 15 percent range. On a trip such as this, that will never do either. And so.....

January 1st I am going to start the 13 weeks of hardcore fat burning diet/workout program. Is this a long enough span of time to get to the desired goal or should I start TODAY!?

With the new site layout, I am having a hard time navigating around the site I once knew, where do Find the workout programs?

I'm pumped to get this started. I'm also wanting to post my progress on the forum, bi-weekly perhaps.

Would Love to hear encouragement from the gang out there :P might have to pick up a new Camera for be4/after pics
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Old 12-18-2008, 07:07 PM
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krayziefresh should change his/her status!
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bump? Come on, i put alot of work into this little essay I wrote!
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patience grasshopper

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