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Default Advice Appreciated!

Hey all, just joined the site and wanted to get some advice from as many people as possible regarding a workout schedule i just created. I've been going to the gym for about 4 days a week for about 6ish months, where i have been doing cardio for roughly 35/40 minutes per visit. for about the past 2/3 months i've attempted to improve my diet, eating mainly nutri-grain bars for breakfast, salads for lunch, and a well rounded dinner (i.e. fish or chicken with veggies). However, despite all this, i've only managed to lose about 5 pounds.

I'm 23 years old, 6 feet tall, and weigh 210 pounds. I'm very active and in releatively good shape (play a lot of pickup basketball/flag football outside of working out), but am having trouble getting past this 210 pound hump. this is the program that i've designed:

Day 1
Bike 10 min
Stairs 10 min
Eliptical 12 min

100 Crunches

Bench Press 10*8*6
Incline Press 10*8*6

Day 2
Bike 10 min
Stairs 12 min
Eliptical 10 min

Standing Flys 10*8*6
Seated DB Press 10*8*6

Day 3
Leg Press 10*8*6
Leg Extensions 10*8*6
Leg Curls 10*8*6
Calf raises 12*10*8*6

Cable Pressdown 12*10*8*6

Day 4
Bike 10 min
Stairs 10 min
Eliptical 12 min

100 Crunches

Reverse BB Curl 12*10*8*6

Day 5
Lat Pulldowns 10*8*6
Dumbbell Rows 10*8*6
Curls 10*8*6

100 crunches

Basically, what i'm looking to do is get under 200 lbs. Something around 190 would be nice. This workout is designed to be more weight-loss oriented as opposed to emphasizing added muscle/toning. I'm hoping for some signs of results within 8/10 weeks.

Are there any changes i should consider or any ideas on what my expectations should be? Please keep in mind i only have roughly an hour to spend at the gym everyday.

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