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Default Atrophy - Part III - a helpful recovery agent?

“Curcumin can act directly on cultured muscle precursor cells to stimulate both cell proliferation and differentiation under appropriate conditions. Other pharmacological and genetic inhibitors of NF- B also stimulate muscle differentiation in vitro. Inhibition of NF- B-mediated transcription was confirmed using reporter gene assays. We conclude that NF- B exerts a role in regulating myogenesis and that modulation of NF- B activity within muscle tissue is beneficial for muscle repair. The striking effects of curcumin on myogenesis suggest therapeutic applications for treating muscle injuries.”

“In this report we demonstrate that systemic treatment with curcumin after local muscle injury leads to faster restoration of normal tissue architecture as well as to increased expression of biochemical markers associated with muscle regeneration. In vitro studies indicate that curcumin can act directly on myoblasts to increase cell proliferation as well as fusion and differentiation. Curcumin enhances differentiation of muscle cells by inhibiting NF- B activity, as suggested by in vitro experiments using other pharmacological or genetic inhibitors of NF- B. The ability of curcumin to increase the rate and extent of muscle regeneration indicates that it may be the first systemically administered drug useful for treating muscle injuries.”

Curcumin is extracted from dried turmeric root.

“Curcumin is being studied for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cancer-fighting and cholesterol-lowering properties. Its effect as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent is intriguing because it may help the development of muscular strength and muscle mass.”

“Many studies indicate that curcumin's activity and bioavailability are dramatically improved when it's taken in a form that contains the other known curcuminoids and the numerous other products found in the whole root of the turmeric plant. Take 250-500 mg two or three times per day.”

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