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Old 11-22-2007, 03:43 PM
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Default Re: Whey Man\'s Magnifico Log of Training Supremacy*~*~*~*~

Had a few solid workouts that I haven't posted on here. I've still had no sort of structure of any sort of routine lately. Just getting my butt in the gym and trying some new things out while continuing to hit each muscle group at least 2 times a week (with compound lifts for the most part). I am however still performing the Perfect 10 for Biceps and Forearms, and it's going great. I LOVE the cable pulley's for forearms.

But anyway, I write this message because I've finally decided to write out a plan for myself to see how it goes. It's a combination of a few principals that I like. Each muscle group is worked twice a week. One heavy session, one high volume session for each muscle group per week. The heavy session will utalize Chad Waterbury's explosive lifting principals outlined in his latest articles, the high volume sessions will utalize a style known as EDT, which gives an AMAZING pump. I love it. You guys should look it up if you've never heard of it before. I'm thinking it will work fantastic for abs, even though I've never heard of anyone using it for that yet. Along with that I will also continue to use Perfect 10 Training on Forearms and Biceps since it's going so well.

Day 1: Chest + Back (Heavy)
Day 2: Quads + Hammies + Abs (EDT)
Day 3: Shoulders + Triceps (Heavy)
Day 4: Chest + Back + Abs(EDT)
Day 5: Quads + Hammies (Heavy)
Day 6: Shoulders + Triceps + Abs (EDT)
Day 7: Rest

(Biceps and Forearms vary)

I need to make sure I'm eating, sleeping, and drinking enough water. I may have to add another rest day in there and/or cut back a little bit if I'm not able to eat more. Afterall...I'm a broke college student! Not exactly the best time to buy a ton of food.
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