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Default Welcome to the Psychology of Bodybuilding Forum

Welcome to the Psychology of Bodybuilding forum.

I have wanted to add this for a while now. President Wilson and I are very much into the Psychology of Physical Activity. We both have obtained our masters degree in this field, and have published on the topic. My mentor is Dr. Penny McCullagh, who I have published with several times, and work constantly with on other publications. I have also worked extensively with Dr. Jeff Simons, and I have worked with Dr. Bruce Keeler. You can read my latest publication here, http://www.humankinetics.com/QUEST/viewa...3z6ZAMr3K66NGLy

Another one in the journal of sport and exercise psychology will be out soon. And President and I are presenting in a few weeks at the NASPSPA conference on research we did on the “especial skill” phenomena in baseball and basketball players.

Articles on this site related to the forum include:

The Effects of External Rewards on Intrinsic Motivation
The Effects of External Rewards on Intrinsic Motivation - Practical Applications
The HYPERplasia Challenge Research Article
The HYPERplasia Challenge Interviews
Competition (Part 1)—the Struggle for Excellence or Victory?
Competition (Part 2)—the Struggle for Excellence or Victory?
Exercise and Stress - a 6 part series

You can read these articles here, http://www.abcbodybuilding.com/journalstotal.php

I have learned over the years that the soundness of the mind of a bodybuilder is absolutely critical to our success in this sport. I have studied countless methods on this topic throughout the years, and benefited greatly from my research. I envision that this forum will take my knowledge and results to another level, as well as all who participate here.

I look forward to discussing the psychology of bodybuilding with you guys!
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