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Old 10-16-2006, 09:58 AM
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Default Nervous system - and its effects on strenght

A display of "strength" (eg lifting a weight) is a result of three factors that overlap;
Physiological strength ->(muscle size, cross sectional area, available crossbridging, responses to training)
<font color="blue"> neurological strength </font>-&gt; (how strong or weak is the signal that tells the muscle to contract),
mechanical strength (muscle's force angle on the lever, moment arm length, joint capabilities).

I have a lot of material to read, about the anatomy and physiology of the neuron and the nervous system. I will provide refferences as we go on in the research.

The main goal is to master the nervous system. You all know that "ordinary" people use about 20% - 30% of their muscle fiber, and elite lifter "only" 50%. So what's the plan, plan is to cross that limit. If its possible we will find a way. In this research "team" there is only me for now, but if someone wants to join be sure to send me a e-mail. Thanks for yor time folks, take care.
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Goals : 85 kg
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Default Re: Nervous system - and its effects on strenght

This is a great research question! As you know there are numerous ways that the nervous system can influence 'strength'
I'm interested in hearing the members thoughts as to what these ways are.
Dr. Jacob Wilson, Ph.D, CSCS
Professor of Exercise Science, University of Tampa Bay

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