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Default Z28Jersey/XFactor973 train log, workout splits, and more....

Just want to give an update on how this program is doing, It was in a previous thread ended on 12/5/05 under XFactor973, i am now unable to update on that thread proably because of how old it is.

I am one of XFactor973 lifting partners and am looking to become active on these forms. I want to keep this journal going and give A little background about Myself and our lifting program.

I have been lifting off and on with XFactor973 for about 8 years. I have been in the gym consistantly know for about 2 years since I graduated college. I started lifting with XFactor in high school. We we started lifting at about 15, I had never lifted and he had some experince. At that time we were doing our body once a week. We continued this workout untill about 8 months ago. The old workout is as follows


Keep in mind fliping days around wasnt a problem because of the downtime in between. We had consistant gradual gains with this progam. We didnt platue often and when we did we would modify the exersises and the style we were doing them.

About 9 months ago comeing off of an injury I had lost a decent amount of strength and my body fat went up. Thats when i pushed for the switch too whole body twice a week.

I went from being 175 pounds before injury with about 9% fat to after injury about 17% and 190 pounds. Mind you im still working on the whole eating right part of all this. With the change in the workout my weight now is about 183, and 13% body fat...The new workout is as follows.

Monday-Chest,Shoulders, Triceps
Tuesday-Back,Biceps, Forarms
Thursday-Chest,Shoulders, Triceps
Friday-Back,Biceps, Forarms

Abs-about every other day(we try for everday but it doesnt always work that way)

The focus changes each lift. For example, Monday is usully heavy chest and shoulders, and light Triceps, It is then reversed on thursday.

The gains we are makeing with this new workout are great.
After the injuy i was only benching about 190. 8 months later(and the first few months i still took it easy on my shoulder) My bench is easily at 255 pounds at my weight of 183 pounds, and when i did that bench i felt like i could have done more Next monday i am aiming for 265.(my year end goal is 300 pound bench at 175 body weight)

In the future i will be looking to get Xfactor973 back involved in this thread, I will also try to get some pictures up, and then start including sections on our Diet, Cardio, Specific exersices per muscle group, goals, and more!!

Comments and advice are always appreciate and keep criticism constructive.

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Default Re: Z28Jersey/XFactor973 train log, workout splits, and more....

Sounds good Nick! Good luck to you, and everybody you train with!

Happy Lifting!
'Take two steps forward but never more than one step backwards' -Gaui7
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