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Old 11-02-2006, 01:45 AM
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Default Re: Failure Training

As a beginner, I dislike the idea of failure training due to an increased risk of injury. I avoid it at all cost when doing heavy compound exercises like bench press, deads, squats, etc., because proper form is crucial in these and an incorrect rep might cost me a knee or a shoulder. I think it's fine for lighter isolated exercises like biceps curls or tri extensions provided you do failure training on the last sets with lighter weight. The bottom line is that the risk of injury outweigh any potential benefits of training to failure. For me, light and steady does it.
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Default Re: Failure Training

Would training about one rep away from failure cause significantly less gains than going to true failure. Ive noticed lately I am pushing myself to my true limits and beyond. The problem is that I am getting very very sore, and have severe cases of DOMS, I just took a week off, came back (a little too hard) and now am too sore to have a normal workout. So if training close to failure will still produce hypertrophy and let me recover faster, then I will change my workout style.
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