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Old 12-06-2005, 11:20 PM
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Default is it possible to do splits past a certain age?

and by that i dont mean training splits....... but actual splits involving spreading one's legs apart to either sides of the body so as to form a T.

i've always heard that its impossible to do them past a certain age, like say 18, because of the maturation of the hip bones or something. Is this true or is it possible to acheive this sort of flexibility at any point in one's life? If not, then to what age is it still possible to develop such flexibility?
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Default Re: is it possible to do splits past a certain age?

if you mean starting from "not being able to spread more than 10" to complete horizontal split ... I think it is very hard (practically impossible) to achieve as you get older ... the tendons get stiffer as you're aging.

But if you were once flexible, say when you were young, I think it is very feasable.

In any way, improving your overall flexibility can only benefit, since it significantly increase your tendond's treshold before tearing.

In martial arts, I've seen older people becoming more flexible than a young one, in the same time gap. So, it has a lot to do with what nature has granted you with, and also with the way your leg tendons ahve been devolopped during growth. i.e, I know that hockey players usually get very stiff with these tendons, as skating seems to contract a lot that part of the body.
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Default Re: is it possible to do splits past a certain age?

This is a common misconseption in my opinion. The angle of protrusion of the greater trochanter, a bony process at the top of the femur, often changes as you grow and solidifies around the age of 15. This angle for some makes it difficult to perform side splits without the greater trochanter striking hip bone cartilidge. *However, one can learn to tilt the pelvis foward and in this fashion allow the greater trochanter to pass into an abcess in the hip bone. One way to effect this is to enter the side split from horse-back stance.In short learning to do splits is quite possible at any age.

An article which goes into details is here:

It is part of a series by Tom Kurz done for Tae Kwon Do Times, found here:

Lastly, here is a survey of stretching techniques(static active/passive, dynamic, PNf, etc.) I recomend:

Lastly, I recomend Tom Kurz's book as well.
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Default Re: is it possible to do splits past a certain age?

Great links! I already managed to achieve amazing flexibility compared to most people I know, but this should help me go all the way
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Default Re: is it possible to do splits past a certain age?

Jean Claude Van Damme was doing those splits well into his 30s. I wouldnt doubt that he can still do them.
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