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Old 10-06-2005, 09:52 PM
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Default pain in the wrong place

I know this is the wrong forum, but when I post in the injury forum, my posts get very few, if any answers.

I was deadlifting today, not even maxing out just using about 350lbs and i got a pain in the groin area. It has been there all day. It kinds feels like I was kicked where the sun don't shine. Anyone else ever have this?
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Old 10-07-2005, 02:13 AM
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Default Re: pain in the wrong place

Groin injuries are usually torn muscle fibers or damaged tendon where the leg adductors attach to the Pubis. Always use ice the first day to reduce swelling and scar tissue. Avoid all stress to the area for at least a week, two would be better. Start back very slowly. Stretch and warm up. If there is any discomfort, do not exercise.Depending on the severity of the injury it can take months to get back where you were so plan on working your weights back up over several weeks. Stop when you get the least twinge or you could re-injure it even worse.

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Default Re: pain in the wrong place

I injured the same place doing incline on legs then immediately stretching my groin to stay limber. I feel like a lump on each side (guessing it is torn tendons) It is sore but i cant really take time off on it with my job
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Old 10-11-2005, 02:48 AM
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Default Re: pain in the wrong place

Nice answer Gort!
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