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Old 03-11-2005, 09:21 AM
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Default Great, now I\'m injured

I'm a group fitness instructor and for the past 6 months there has been high demand for group weight training classes. This format is low weight(2-10lb), high repetition(1 set of ~50 reps) and the participants are 99% women. Since I am known at my gym as being very knowledgeable about weight training, I have been teaching this format 30-60 minutes up to 5 times a week. I now have pain in my inner elbow which is limiting my heavy lifting during my personal workouts. I no longer use any weight for any upper body exercises during my classes, just show the correct form. Any ideas on what to do while I'm resting the injury? I'm continuing with lower body workouts but I'm afraid I'm going to lose all my gains in my upper body. Anyone else work through a similar injury? What did you do?
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Default Re: Great, now I\'m injured

I had a shoulder injury for about 3 months and then a few months later a wrist injury for 6. I just did lower body and cardio during the shoulder injury. For the wrist I basically just stopped. I wish I hadn't. I didn't lose too much during my shoulder injury but I lost a whole bunch during my wrist injury. I'd recommend you continue a lower body workout while you heal.
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Default Re: Great, now I\'m injured

Instead of doing the exercises with them, consider doing one to five reps showing correct posture and performance and then go on the floor. It would help if at this time, you had a student(s) on the same area with you that they could look as an example on continuing the exercise, standing from the same high position as the one you use to teach, and then walk the floor checking each individual student providing specific feedback.

I used to do this when I taught my aerobic classes as a group fitness instructor too.

Now, about your injury, you need to let it recovery and you might want to get it checked too.

Just my two cents!

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