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Old 02-22-2005, 11:48 AM
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Default New Shoulder fascia stretching technique

Hey freaks,

I found a new technique to really stretch the inner fibers of your shoulders.

First, sit down on a preacher curl station backwards.

Second, rest your arms on the preacher curl bench. Your arms should be behind your back and resting on the bench. Like your gettin arrested..haha.

Third, lean forward enough to feel little stretch, then flex your pecs and shoulders.

You should feel a really deep stretch in your shoulders. I did this last night, with all of my other fascia stretching. I still feel my pump form my workout!!!!

Lift big!!

I'm on the 24 Mass Blitz workout!
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Default Re: New Shoulder fascia stretching technique

sounds like a good idea i will try it
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Default Re: New Shoulder fascia stretching technique

Go here for other facia stretches. They have one thats very similar to your stretch and is my favorite shoulder stretch.
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Default Re: New Shoulder fascia stretching technique

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Default Re: New Shoulder fascia stretching technique

Thanks for that link!
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