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Old 10-11-2004, 06:19 PM
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Default Anaxibius\' Training Journal

I figured I would go ahead and get started with a journal so you guys could start helping me stay on task. First the Bio:

Age: 30
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 178.4 lbs.
BF%: Approximately 14% (will be measuring more accurately when I get calipers.)

I will be getting back into my routine tomorrow. I have been massively ill over the last week and a half with a respiratory infection that still has me hacking and coughing my way back to health and I have not touched a weight in that time. My split is as follows (recently modified because of reading this forum):

Monday: Chest/Tri’s
Tuesday: Quads/Hamstrings/Calves
Wednesday: Abs/Cardio
Thursday: Shoulders/Traps
Friday: Back/Bi’s/Forearms
Saturday: Abs/Cardio
Sunday: Cardio

My goals are simple. I want a six pack…8 pack if genetics permits. I want to drop my body fat percentage into the 7-9% range while maintaining and possibly adding some muscle mass. I know a lot of you will say it is impossible, but I will not be on a “cutting” or “bulking” diet. I will be gradually working my way into that BF% while working hard and getting adequate protein to keep what I have. I plan to tweak my diet gradually to find the right balance to do this. It might be more efficient to cut then start bulking, but I want to be in this for the long haul and I have no aspirations of being a body builder. I wouldn’t mind people asking me if I was, but I don’t have the time to do it. Essentially I want to find a nice diet/training equilibrium that allows slow growth with a little fat loss. Once I get to my target BF% I will up my calories until I find the equilibrium that allows me to grow as fast as possible with no fat gain. I might be deluded, but I think I can do it. Some of you may have seen my post about training with bad knees…if not, that is my Achilles heel. I have extremely injury prone knees that make life difficult in the leg and cardio areas. I know there is a peak somewhere that if I get over it I will be ok, but I have to get there without injury. So this journal will chronicle my efforts to get there.

Now, I would like to thank all of you for being an inspiration to me. I have only been on here for a few weeks, but many of you have inspiring stories and results. A few specifically are LW and Yu. LW for what he has been able to accomplish and Yu for the absolutely insane workouts. There are tons of others and the advice I have seen so far has helped me tremendously. Thanks in advance for any advice or comments. I can use all the support I can get because I workout by myself, at home with pretty much no accountability. You guys will be my guilty conscience [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] <font color="blue"> </font> <font color="blue"> </font>
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Default Re: Anaxibius\' Training Journal

your split looks great! if you're having problems w/ your knees, cut back one of the cardio days and take a rest day. getting down to 7% bf is quite a goal...if things start slowing down for ya, post a diet in here, many on the boards have competed and can help tweak that diet to get your bf low enough. good luck w/ the cut!
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24 yrs old

arms:16.5 (up .5)
forearms:12 (up 0)
calves:15 (up .5)
legs:25 (up 1)
waist:33 (up 1)
lifts: bench:290x2-squat:350x1-dead:355x1

HYPERplasia Challenge:
starting: 158lbs @ 11.8% pe:3, si:8, ab:10, th:14, ca:6, bi:3, tr:8, ma:7, ss:10
week 1: 160lbs @ 12.4% pe:4, si:10, ab:11, th:14, ca:7, bi:2, tr:9, ma:8, ss:9
week 2: 161lbs @ 12.4% pe:6, si:10, ab:11, th:14, ca:6, bi:2, tr:9, ma:8, ss:8
week 3: 163lbs @ 12.6% pe:8, si:10, ab:11, th:13, ca:6, bi:3, tr:9, ma:8, ss:8
week 4: 164lbs @ 13.0% pe:8, si:10, ab:11, th:14, ca:7, bi:3, tr:9, ma:8, ss:9
week 5: 164lbs @ 13.0% pe:8, si:10, ab:11, th:14, ca:7, bi:3, tr:9, ma:9, ss:8
week 6: 166lbs @ 13.0% pe:8, si:11, ab:11, th:14, ca:7, bi:3, tr:9, ma:8, ss:9
week 7: 168lbs @ 13.2% pe:8, si:11, ab:12, th:14, ca:7, bi:3, tr:9, ma:8, ss:10
week 8: 169lbs @ 13.1% pe:8, si:12, ab:11, th:14, ca:7, bi:3, tr:9, ma:8, ss:10
week 9: 170lbs @ 13.3% pe:8, si:12, ab:11, th:15, ca:7, bi:3, tr:9, ma:9, ss:10
week10: 171lbs @ 13.4% pe:8, si:12, ab:12, th:15, ca:7, bi:3, tr:9, ma:9, ss:10
week11: 172lbs @ 13.3% pe:8, si:12, ab:12, th:15, ca:7, bi:3, tr:9, ma:9, ss:10
week12:174lbs @13.4% pe:8, si:12, ab:12, th:15, ca:7, bi:3, tr:10, ma:9, ss:10
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Default Re: Anaxibius\' Training Journal

Leg Day: Holy leg pain Batman!!!!

Well I am about to die. In hindsight I think my first workout back from over a week of sickness that I am still struggling with was not such a good idea. I had to stop for a couple of 5 minute breaks so that I could cough to the point of almost passing out. I don’t know about everyone else, but when I do legs I get massively winded. Well, struggling with a respiratory infection does not help this winded feeling. I had crazy trouble getting and keeping my breath especially on squats.

Ok, with all of that said here is my workout. Keep in mind the knee issues I have and the fact that I workout alone. I have to find inventive ways to completely exhaust my legs while minimizing the damage and not killing me in the process.

6 Sets Squats 6-10 reps superset with Static Squat (legs at 45 degrees) until failure.

Ok…these absolutely made me want to vomit. Not sure if that was the phlegm I was coughing up or the exercise itself. After set 2 when I went to the static squat I couldn’t hold for more than about 15 seconds, so I started bracing my hands against my knees to essentially turn it into a drop set. I would start with no support and go until my legs were about to give then I would provide a little support, then a little more as needed. I shot for a count of 30-40. This is on a bowflex, so it isn’t dangerous and I think the bowflex actually works better for this. I was pretty much spent.

3 Sets Dumbbell lunges (close stance) 8-10 reps

Nothing special here. These are tough on me with my knees. Not because it hurts, but because it sounds like a butcher is grinding meat inside of my knees. It is a mental thing which is why I forced myself to do them. On set three I was back to being spent.

2 Sets Close Stance Bench Squat superset with Wide Stance 10 reps on both stances.

Most of you probably think of these as too easy, but for me they are perfect to wrap up my quads. I pre-exhaust with my first two exercises and then really focus on form and a top contraction.

3 Sets Single Leg Pelvic Lift 10 Reps
3 Sets Calf Press 20 Reps
3 Sets Calf Press 30 Reps with same weight as the 20 rep sets.
3 Sets Calf Press 60 Reps with same weight as the 20 rep sets.
On the final calf press set I rest pause my way to 60. I can usually get to about 30-35 then I have to start resting a little.

So that is it for day one of my journal. I had my PWO (sipping on it as I type) and I am feeling pretty good. Total workout time was around an hour and a half, but it would have been quicker if I had full lung capacity and if I didn’t have to take a few 5 minute breaks to cough like a madman. I would guess it would take me around an hour and 10 minutes on a normal day.

Comments welcome.
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Default Re: Anaxibius\' Training Journal

haha that the best feeling eh, sippin on the old PWO shake after a hard nose workout.

good work man
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Default Re: Anaxibius\' Training Journal

Worked abs today. Hit them pretty hard, for me at least. All in all I felt pretty good, but it was nasty outside so I didn’t do my normal 40 minutes of outside jogging. I did about 20 minutes of intense stretching to help take care of the DOMS I got from yesterday’s leg workout. Anyway…here was today’s ab routine.

Started out with the crossovers described in the 8 weeks to crazy abs (or something similarly titled) article. I don’t have any leg weights, but I am not to the point of using weight on these yet anyways. The exercise is brand new to me, so it will take some time to get used to it.

Crossovers x 25 (4 sets)

Weighted Crunch 20 lbs. x 15
Weighted Crunch 30 lbs. x 15
Weighted Crunch 40 lbs. x 15
Weighted Crunch 40 lbs. to failure

Bent Knee Incline Board Raise x 15 (4 sets)

Seated Leg Tucks x 25 (4 sets)

Tomorrow the shoulders come…I have a new routine that might kill me so stay tuned.
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Default Re: Anaxibius\' Training Journal

My cough came back with a vengeance on Thursday of last week and didn’t really clear up again until Sunday night. I took Monday off to make sure I was fully recovered so I didn’t have another set back and then hit legs this morning. The workout is the same as what is posted above. The Static Squats lasted a little longer this week. All in all it was a solid workout and I brought the time down to about 1.2-3 hours. While sitting inactive I have thought of several questions, so if you read this head on over to the Nutrition and Hardcore Training sections to help me out.
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