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Old 02-14-2004, 01:42 AM
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Default Football Bulking Journal

I'm making this so I can keep myself on track to reach my goal of a lean 230 pounds by late April.
I'm a 6'4 210 pound defensive end, and I desperately need those 20 pounds. I have an extremely low body fat index--something that burdens me when I try to bulk up for my position.

Current Stats:

Weight: 215
Bench: 225x8, max is around 275
Squat: 325x10, max is around 410
quads are 25' around arms '14

my current diet is extremely high calorie..

breakfast (7am):
900 calorie weightgainer (Serious Mass)
2-3 eggs

usually an extremely large meal with lots of meat like a huge teriaki chicken dish.

1200 calorie weightgainer shake (Serious Mass)

Usually I'll have something with lots of protein and calories like a tuna sandwich, or some leftover chicken breast etc

steak or chicken usually complimented with lots of carbs and calories like noodles bread etc

before bed (7-10pm)
I usually snack on stuff just to try to put on whatever mass I can, maybe a huge bowl of ice cream or a frozen pizza

Weight above 225
Bench max to 300
Squat max to 450
Maintain speed(40 in 4.65)

Basically, my metabolism won't let me put on any friggin' fat. I eat so many calories and barely do any cardio and my body refuses to put on non-lean weight. That would be hunky dory, but I'm a defensive linemen and I need to be stout. I'll be updating my progress / workouts on this journal--feel free to give me tips.
Old 02-14-2004, 02:12 AM
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Default Re: Football Bulking Journal

Oh also I'm taking a multivitamin, ZMA and essential fatty acids. I got off a creatine cycle like 2 weeks ago.
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Default Re: Football Bulking Journal

dude i just wanted to tell you you're built like a monster defensive end. you don't WANT fat. it does nothing for you. all it does is weigh you down. the only reason you'd want fat (maybe) is if you're a d tackle or nosetackle and need to anchor the line.

as a defensive end, you need to be quick enough to shoot the gap and keep contain. try going on a clean bulk, look under the nutrition tabs and read around
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Default Re: Football Bulking Journal

Hey, welcome to ABC and good luck with your goals, Aristotle! [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

This article has a lot of strategies that will be very helpful to you you: Nutrient Density
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Default Re: Football Bulking Journal

I am with Shem on this aristotle. DEs are lean muscle bound freaks. Think Jevon Kearse not Hugh Douglas. College coaches these days want lean, fast DEs to rush the passer. The Longhorns and Sooners both employ lean fast DEs. Anyways, good luck.

I usually snack on stuff just to try to put on whatever mass I can, maybe a huge bowl of ice cream or a frozen pizza

[/ QUOTE ]

This, I would change. I know you may think that this is a mass meal but it is not. Right before bed, that is a fat meal. Will do nothing for your mass. Since your metabolism is so high, this may be your most important meal other than breakfast. You really should concentrate on your eating habits before bed and after you wake up. Before you go to bed, you HAVE to eat complex carbs and a slow burning protein(like cottage cheese). Your body still needs nutrients to repair itself while you sleep and a big bowl of ice cream is going to burn way too fast.

Second, I notice you like to take a lot of calories in at once. I am sure you are at school but if there is ANY way you can split those calories up that would be VERY good for you. For instance, if you could drink half of that 900 calories shake right when you wake up. Then drink the second half on your way to school. Heck, you could probably make it a 1200 calorie shake if you split it into two.

Just some quick suggestions.
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