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Old 10-23-2003, 06:02 PM
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Default judge honestly

im 17 6" 210 at 14% bodyfat
thrus-day off
sun-day off
judge honestly
Old 10-23-2003, 06:47 PM
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Default Re: judge honestly

what are your goals?

my opinion on the legs is that you should be able to hit them hard enough to only do once a week and then give them that time to recover. 3 and 4 days recovery isn't enough.
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Default Re: judge honestly

Well, define your goals first. Now are you asking for an opinion on your split? I'm afraid you post is kind of vague, please be more specific.

About resting 3-4 days, well it depends (again) on your goals. Right now I'm doing the 13 weeks fat burning program and workout each body part every 5th day.
Old 10-23-2003, 07:19 PM
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Default Re: judge honestly


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Default Re: judge honestly

Judge what? Your bodyfat? Your weight? Your split?

By the way, are you a woman or a man? This is posted in the Woman's forum - general training posts should go in the training forum.

Be a bit more specific if you want useful replies.
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