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Old 10-07-2003, 07:36 PM
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Default i need some ladies advise

ok, i have a friend who has asked me to help her get a more "sculpted" body, using light weights, now, i have never trained a girl before, mostly guys who want to get big and strong..so..what are some good exercises for sculpting, she is already in good shape, she is about normal build, dosn't seem to have an ounce of fat on her. so any help would be awesome.
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Default Re: i need some ladies advise

Train her like a Dude :-) NO LIGHT WEIGHTS! She is NO different than you are. If her BF is low and she has no sculpted look going on it is because she needs to increase her LBM. CLEAN BULK time!! It is harder for women to pack on muscle and easier to gain fat so a CLEAN bulk is the only way to go if she likes her low BF.
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Default Re: i need some ladies advise

Exactly right. Train her just like we all train here - proper clean bulk nutrition plan with a good solid weight training routine in the gym.

If she's a beginner, remember to properly assess her health and condition - make sure there are no contraindications first. Then take it slow and start off with light weights until she gets the proper form down. Once she seems comfortable with the form - then gradually guide her to the typical sets and reps that we know and love.
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