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Old 07-07-2003, 03:39 PM
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Default How do you \"up the ante\" if you\'ve already \"upped the ante\"

I occassionally hit this mind-set and have once again... If I've been working in the gym as hard as I can, then how do I "intensify" my already intense workout for added gains? I know that for lifting and cardio, you can modify the workout...but how many ways? I've modified all my routines every 4 weeks. I can modify my cardio a bit, but circumstances only allow so much,'s too hot to ru or bike outside, so I stick to indoors HIIT or interval training, classes that I can make in the evenings, or nifty tae-boe tapes for when I really get bored. I know I'm just PMSing a bit, but still...what do YOU do to intensify your already intense workouts?
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Default Re: How do you

Any change can create intensity I think. You can try supersets, dropsets or any of the other "shoking" ideas listed on this site. For me, just changing things around is enough or I add in supersets or forced reps - never really tried any of the others yet. Have you tried changing your splits and exercises at the same time? Setting concrete strength goals also helped me. Since I said I will one day do pull ups and chins - I am a mad woman on that chin bar. Ok - I FEEL like one anyways as I do my pathetic negatives.

As far as cardio - I *LOVE* cardio so that is easy for me. With running I have picked a race and a time goal and kicked my butt to get there. Running outside in the heat isn't fun but what about when it rains? With TaeBo I have done my 8 minute tapes back to back - talk about a killer! While setting up the next tape - jump rope and you will re-define INTENSE! Add some new music - punk or rock - something fast and angry sounding.

Are you bored or is your routine not pushing you enough? It almost sounds like you are bored.
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Default Re: How do you

I do stuff like reverse pyramids, and/or I go lighter a few days, then go super heavy, (there may be terms for all this, but I'm still catching on) and I've done a few (not many) of the shocking things listed on this site, that's the best place to look for ideas on this.

It's hard to mix cardio up when it's so hot out. What about swimming, rollerblading, jumping rope is a good one too. I like to go play a little basketball for something different, but I stink at it now.
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Default Re: How do you

Great advice mama25.
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Default Re: How do you

What do you want to up the intensity for? Are you doing a cut and stuck at a plateau? Are you trying to gain muscle and stuck there as well? Or you sick of doing the same sorts of cardio and looking for more variety? Or more of a challenge? Or...are you bored with your program? Or do you need a break from lifting/cardio/diet?

Sozzy, just needed to know a bit more info. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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