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Default Female Bodybuilding Routine, created by me

I just created A routine for a female friend of mine im training over the net and just sharing it... for her needs its perfect remeber everyones different, but you would like to mimic it feel free. thiers not really a routine that works best keep in mind everyones different, but read on if your intersted in a new training method....


Training approach:
Try to ride a bike or tred for 10-15 mins before training if time allows. If not even 5 is better then nothing for warm up. Make your first set of the day for that muscle group a warm up set, use light weight just do enough to start to feel a burn, but not to the point where it gets difficult to continue. Always stay focused during each indivdual exercise while doing it, that you are doing it, either stay clear minded, or concentrate on getting to faliure. Failure: try your hardest to always reach failure. Never quit when you can keep going, the last few reps are where benefit comes in, Rep range 12-15, anything less is meant for strength which doesn’t incorporate with your goals. Try to keep breaks in-between exercise around 2 minutes… breaks between sets around 4. This varies with exercise something like a bicep curl will only require your muscle to recuperate rather then an exercise like squat where you need a breather. Notice I don’t say anything about going up or down in weight, this is because your trying style is aiming at reps, start off heavy enough to do the goal amount of reps, once it starts getting to heavy to hit goal rep range time to lower weight,

Monday: chest and back
Tuesday Legs shoulders
Wednesday: Bicep triceps
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Legs & Muscle of your choice repeating the same routine Listed

Im breaking rather into days Muscle group routines, to make things easier on you, Im giving you a total amount of sets but the exercise will be up to you, this way you can alternate to keep things from getting boring, and so you don’t get your body too used to a routine, you can only do the same exercise so long before you lose benefit from them. Stick to the order meaning don’t start with incline type exercises when flats are listed first, the workout designed will still isolate every muscle, regardless of the mix up. Keep it a rule of thumb not to stick with the same type movements, meaning, if I list a machine for an option, don’t only use machines for that particular muscle group, try to keep good variety, machines, dumbbells free weights.


Flat Bench Press Machine OR free weight flat bench press, OR smith machine Bench press, OR Flat DB presses:
3 sets (first set is warm up not to failure) 2nd go to failure 12-15 reps.

Incline chest press machine OR incline Hammer strength Machine OR Incline Smith machine OR Incline DB presses
3 sets go to failure 12-15 reps.

DB Flyes, Or Cable cross overs (fly positioning), OR machine flyes, OR wide grip dips.

Tips: be sure to use a full range of motion, don’t go half way down when benching or not all the way up, keep rep speed steady and maintained, unless physically impossible (the point u hit failure) when doing flys keep the motion semi circular and lower the weight slowly but lower extremely low get a good stretch.


Assisted pull ups, or Lat pull downs, comfortable wide grip
3 sets (first set is warm up not to failure) 2nd 2 go to failure 12-15 reps.

Seated rows OR Machine Rows
3 sets go to failure 12-15 reps.

Back Extensions
3 sets go to failure 12-15 reps.

For Lat pulls try not too swing lower back, especially in the begging, also dont lower the bar when going to the front any more past collar bone, if going behind head don’t bend head down when at the bottom, or u will put unnecessary stress on your neck. Pull-ups are going to mess with your head because they feel to easy at first use too heavy of weight then lack full range of motion, avoid this mental BS. Seated rows, are up to you on style, you can either stay stiff backed or have a bend forward/backwards to hit lower area as well, but keep in mine the back extensions are on the list so may not be necessary, do what your capable of.


Leg press: (2 sets feet wide, 2 sets feet very close, 4 sets total) 12-15 reps
Leg curls OR Stiff leg Deadlights 2 sets go to failure 12-15 reps.
Leg extensions: 2 sets go to failure 12-15 reps
Inner outer thigh, 2 sets inner 2 sets outer 12-15 reps
Calves Donkey calve raises OR seated raises, or 45* raises
4-5 sets high rep range (30-50) short breaks in-between sets about 1 minute

TIPS: Don’t be afraid to squat even if its on the smithmachine in place of leg presses but I didn’t wanna make it mandatory, your female so you don’t have much upper back development so don’t hesitate on using a pad wrapped around the bar. Calves in the begging use as much range as motion as possible slow steady reps, it will start to get impossible to continue doing that, rather then stop you just decrease the range of motion and increase the speed of the exercise until you hit a point (failure) Also add lunges during some workouts maybe one per week replace it with something or simply add it, works great for the behind.


Straight bar curls OR Bicep curl machine: 3 sets (first set is warm up not to failure) 2nd 2 go to failure 12-15 reps

Alternate DB curls seated or standing your preference switch it up
3 sets go to failure 12-15 reps.

Preacher curls or Single arm DB preacher curls
3 sets go to failure 12-15 reps.

Ps.(squeeze muscle when fully contracted each rep, don’t swing your back when doing standing exercises, lowering the weight is 50% of the exercise called the negative portion so lower it slowly don’t let it fall with momentum)


Close Grip bench press on smith machine : 3 sets (first set is warm up not to failure) 2nd 2 go to failure 12-15 reps

Tricep push downs, same machine just change the variation with each workout, examples: sometimes keep elbows tucked into your sides with palms facing down just pulling the bar downwards, standing straight up, another legs more behind you one foot in front of the another bent somewhat of an 75* angle pushing bar down with elbows not so tucked, in, watch others forms to learn what im talking about 3 sets go to failure 12-15 reps.

Dumbell kick backs OR lying db extensions (similar motion to kick back but lying on a bench
3 sets go to failure 12-15 reps.

Tricep machine
2 sets 12-15 reps

Tips: don’t forget triceps are broke into 2 heads, isolate on both, the variations on the push downs will give you a feel for where your isolating.


Shoulder Press Smith machine OR free weight, OR DB
4 sets go to failure 12-15 reps. (first set warm up)

Lateral Raises
3 sets to failure 12-15 reps

Up right Rows
3 sets to failure 12-15 reps

Tips: try not to use back so much on lateral raises again don’t let the weight “fall” and don’t create so much momentum use weight u can handle, some say keep elbows above hands at end of rep, up right rows remember the closer the grip the more isolation on traps so keep grip about shoulder with or slightly wider apart, when doing presses with a bar, I would go to chin focus more on front delts


Sit-ups: 3 sets strict form many rep as possible before it gets unbearable, rest only seconds 45 or so then start your next set I wouldn’t even get up

Side Crunches: 3 sets strict form many rep as possible before it gets unbearable, rest only seconds 45 or so then start your next set I wouldn’t even get up

Leg lifts: 3 sets 15-20 reps to failure short breaks in-between sets 2 mins max.

TIPS: abs you don’t need to be guided just follow the basic rules to hit upper/lower abs, and obliques… theirs lots of machines rope crunches oblique twist u can add in place of any exercise to add variation


Some rules but lots of exceptions keep sessions at a minimum of 3 aim for 5 times per week, I would do it every other day, doesn’t matter if its on a training day or not just do it when convenient for you, on an empty stomached its more effective considerably, so when possible do sessions in the morning before breakfast, go a MINIMUM of 30 minutes always keep intensity high unless doing interval burst rest/burst, like 3 mins hard as possible/3mins cool down, and so fourth. Try to add lots of variation to cardio.. If u have a lot of free time just maintain high intensity and go for long variation up to 90 minutes, this is ideal if you missed a few sessions…Also jump from equipment to equipment bike is least effective for burning calories, swimming is most, then treadmill and elliptical… but all effective, the more cardio the more calories burnt. Just remember if your going to do a 90 min session you CANNOT miss out on your minimum protein amount for that day or skip any meals, you WILL lose muscle, not desirable. Keep hydrated also while doing cardio bring some sort of water container near by.
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Default Re: Female Bodybuilding Routine, created by me

Looks great Dave....Thanks for sharing! [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
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Default Re: Female Bodybuilding Routine, created by me

Okay, questions.

Will dividing lifting into upper and lower body... i.e. upper on Mon. and Wed., then lower on Tue. and Thur. be okay? Doing abs all 4 days?

First set, warm up set. Okay. Next sets... as far as rep range goes. What if I'm aiming for 15 reps... but I start to give out at 10? Should I switch the weight out really quick and keep going, or just stop for the next set? Would it be better to do a lighter amount that I know I can do till about 20 reps till failure?

Rest time between sets... what's a good rule of thumb? If I'm not absolutly dieing, is like 45 seconds enough?

And something funny the other day... I was playing around on an incline leg press machine. I guess I did too much or something, cause when I went to do my calf and leg extension exercises, my right leg would not stop bouncing. It was bad enough where I couldn't lower the weight properly. I tried stretching it out, but didn't help. What happened... is this a good thing, and if not, what should I do to avoid it? I had to skip 2 sets of exercises because of it.

I posted the routine/diet I have been following also, if you could, read over it and critique it also please.

And I hate cardio. I want to avoid it at all costs for now, I know if I start doing it I will lose my drive to go to the gym. Weight lifting is fun for me, and I don't want to ruin it, you know? I may incorportate it later on though.
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