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Old 01-10-2003, 11:55 AM
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Default Is hunger a good sign or a bad sign?

I've been trying to figure out how many calories will get me to lose some fat. I'm looking for around 1-2 lb loss a week. I'm eating clean and a 50/20/30 diet. I'm experiencing hunger at night after I've already reached my maximum calorie goal for that day. Is that good or bad? Should I go ahead and eat something and what should I eat to stop the hunger but not ruin my fatburning? Or will my body adjust to eating less and then I won't feel the hunger at that calorie level anymore?

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Default Re: Is hunger a good sign or a bad sign?

One of the keys to fat loss is keeping your metabolism going at all times, meaning keeping a constant source for calorie burning in your system. That's why we advocate eating something every 3-4 hours.

If you are trying to lose weight, try not to eat anything heavy right before going to bed, but if you are truly hungry (stomach growling, etc.) then have a light healthy snack. However, you have to be able to determine if you are hungry because your body needs it or if you are hungry because you WANT it. Many people eat at night due to habit.

Also, what is your calorie goal? We need more info if we can help you. Age, weight and current eating plan are all a good start, plus any exercise that you do.
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Default Re: Is hunger a good sign or a bad sign?

age 47
weight 213 ht 5'9"
calories around 2500/day my ratios come in around 50/20/30 or 40/20/40
I gain weight at 3000 calories a day and I'm currently trying to find the right place to lose fat gradually.

meal 1
soy,whey shake 40 gms protein w/ psyllium fiber added
oatmeal and skim milk
vitamins and stuff

meal 2
1 slice whole grain bread w mustard and
40 gms of some kind of low fat meat-usually turkey, or chicken, with lots of veggies
1/4 ground flaxseed

meal 3
whey shake, 40 gms prot with psyllium fiber added
usually quick food like string cheese

meal 4
some kind of lowfat meat around 60 gms
lots of green veggies-usually green beans or sometimes lettuce with 1 T of regular ranch dressing
diet pop for dessert or decaf coffee w/cream

meal 5
always whey protein shake 40 gms.
with something else, usually depending on whether I'm hungry or not!
usually 1-2 tbsp peanut butter, but if I'm ravenous like I was last night I have a piece of whole wheat bread.

This is my typical day, weekends are more varied but I generally stay away from sugar and refined grains. They make me tired. I really like using the shakes, they simplify my life so much and I don't want to change that unless it would be beneficial to fat loss.

I work out at home 5 days a week. I strength train 3 days-my routine varies, sometimes I do total body workouts and other times split routines. Right now I'm doing total body-2 days higher rep/lower wt and 1 day total body heavier wt 12 reps. Do interval cardio 2 days. I do as high intensity workout as I can. I throw some yoga in for stretching and work abs 3 x a week. I've been lifting weights about 5 years. I like my 2 rest days a week.
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Default Re: Is hunger a good sign or a bad sign?

I am not a nutritionist but you do seem to chose alot of shakes, why not go for something more filling like a tuna steak - or meat - or eggwhites made into a pancake etc. Liquids will not fill you up as much is my experience. I did read somewhere that lettuce has very little foodvalue.

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Default Re: Is hunger a good sign or a bad sign?

I'd say the same thing re: the shakes; first off, I'm not a fan of straight whey (or soy in any case)except post workout. Your body absorbs it fast; try a blended protein powder for a slower burn. Why not some cottage cheese or more lean meats or fish?

Also; try cutting the bread in favor of some better carbs, like the oatmeal you eat in meal #1. Fruit is fine for most people if you are avoiding starchy carbs.

Are you sure this is 2500? I didn't pick it aprt but it sure doesn't look like that much.
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Default Re: Is hunger a good sign or a bad sign?

You're experiencing hunger at night because the last meal is a whey protein shake, which is a very quickly digestible meal, anyone would feel hungry within an hour after having one those shakes.
Where's the carbs in meal three?
Be careful of eating too much deli meat, cook your own ham or chicken and use that in your sandwich.
Forget the diet pop. Decaf coffee is actually not that good for you, Your chances of getting rheumatism and athritis is higher if you drink decaf as opposed to regular coffee. Can't exactly remember why, something to do with the chemical composition changes in coffee during the decaffeination process.
If you MUST rather have shakes for convenience' shake, then get a blended protein powder and add carbs such as fiber like bran cereal or oatmeal and some fruit to round out the shake. Try to stay away from eating protein only, you need carbs to transport that protein to your muscles and you need carbs for energy. You also need healthy fats because it is a carrier for vitamin A, D, E and K.
From looking at your menu, I have to be honest and say that it does not look like 2500 calories a day to me. Have you tried
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Default Re: Is hunger a good sign or a bad sign?

WOW! what fast responses! Thanks so much for all of your input.

I am using Fitday so I know my tracking is pretty close. I'm not exactly at 2500 nor am I exactly at those ratios ever day. But as an average for a week that's where I'm at. The calories vary a little from day to day. The foods vary a little from day to day as well. But my basic diet is as I listed and it hits close to 2500.

SIgh... I really love drinking the shakes and I add carbs-in one form or another with them except for meal 3, and I will try to make more of an effort to do that. I'm at work for meal 3 and it's a problem to remember to bring a carb everyday! That's a good time to have an apple, but because the string cheese is always in the frig at work, I end up with that! The more I think about it I think not getting enough carbs at this time of day may be what is setting me up for my hunger later in the day. The soy has made a tremendous difference as far as regulating my periods and allowing me to have zero cramps or pms symptoms, so I'm sold on my one soy protein shake a day.

I have tuna for lunch a couple times a week, but don't enjoy it much. I prefer chicken or turkey breast. I have grown very tired of cottage cheese and have to almost choke it down. Ugh, I gag just thinking about it!

I won't be giving up my diet pop or decaf. I'm allowed only the decaf because of a medical condtion I have. I eat pretty clean and will continue to allow myself those two "unhealthy" things! I also won't give up my one piece of whole grain bread a day, and I think that is helping me last from meal 2 to meal 3! And it's very convenient and adds some variety to my diet.

The last meal of the day is a toughy for me. It's hard to come up with a protein that I want to eat. That's why I use the shakes. But I can see that that might be why I'm so hungry at night.

What do most of you eat for your last protein of the day?

My healthy fats are through my 1/4 cup flaxseed and peanut butter and I think I'm getting enough of those.

Thanks again, you've given me a lot to think about!
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Default Re: Is hunger a good sign or a bad sign?

All of the previous replies sound like good advice to me. I don't know how much water you drink a day, but make sure you drink a lot. It'll fill up your tummy and cleanse out your body. I tend to feel the need to eat at night too. I try to suck down a glass of water and if the feeling of hunger doesn't go away, I'll have something light, i.e. a scoop of peanut butter or some chicken strips that I cut up for moments like these. (not fried, just skinless chicken breast cut into strips). This is just something that works for me.
Good luck!! [img]/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Default Re: Is hunger a good sign or a bad sign?

A typical "before I go to bed meal" for me is eggs, whether it be an omelet or scrambled or even hard-boiled. Sometimes I like to cut up hard-boiled eggs (not ALL yokes mind ya), throw some regular mayo and mustard in, mix it up and eat that. And before I got sick of tuna, another typical meal I'd have before bed is a can of tuna with regular mayonnaise and pickle relish mixed in with it.
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Default Re: Is hunger a good sign or a bad sign?

this article is kind of related. well at least its related to the subject of this thread but not necessarily the questions asked by wendyp.

regardless, its good reading and something to think about.

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