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Default Bible Study Links

<font color="red"> Index of ABC's in depth biblical studies.
<font color="purple"> Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. I Peter 3:15 </font>

How to use the Word of God!- Learning how to handle the Sword of the Spirit can be a challenging endeavor. The Admins of ABC have put together a collection of full-proof guides to help you along your journey!

We will be updating all bible studies soon! Thank you! God Bless! [img]/forum/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

Topics include:
[*]The insane accuracy of the biblical translation from the original Hebrew and Greek documents[*]The bible's validity as an powerful historical document[*]How to correctly interpert scripture [*]And much, much more!

This series is a must-read to any serious bible student or scholar! Before exploring the rest of the links in this study guide we highly recommend reading these first!

Part I - Accuracy of Scripture and Salvation!!
Part II- Biblical analysis
Part III Creation week
Part IV Spiritual Battle!
Part V- Spiritual Battle part 2
Part VI- The Parable of the Seed.
Part VII- Apologetics
Part VIII--Interpreting Scripture

Biblical World View- ABC's guide to understanding the Holy Bible. We need start our search for the truth, from the source of Truth, God's Word. Gain new insight on the following topics:

Old School's Spiritual Training Journal
The one sin that is not forgiveable.....
Do you have the Mind of Chirst, or the Mind of the World?
Judge not lest ye be judged? The most misunderstood scripture in the bible...
What about people that have never heard the Gospel--How will they be judged?
Is Truth Relative?
How to pray and SEE results
I have a hard time understanding Scripture...What must I do to be saved?
A Systematic Refutation of the Racist Paradigm Part 1—A Biblical and Scientific Analysis
A Systematic Refutation of the Racist Paradigm Part 2—Annihilation of Pseudo Biblical Arguments
Why is there Death &amp; Suffering
Free Will
Does the bible contradict itself?
Did Jesus really exist? And can the bible really be trusted as God's Word?
The Mystery of the Holy Trinity
Extraterrestrials and the Bible
Does the Bible teach a Flat Earth?
The Bible, Beer, and Fornication...
Are ghosts and hauntings real?
What's more extreme than a hardcore set of squats?...Crucifixion.
Enter His Rest
What does the bible say about sexual lust?
Do animals have spirits?
Which denomination is the right? Unity or Uniformity of the faith...
Where was Jesus during the three days after His death?
Where was Jesus during the three days of His Death, Part 2
Baptism and man-made traditions
The Lust of the Flesh.
Drugs and the Word of God.
Drinking and the Word of God.
Holy Haircuts and appropriate dress.
Can we conclude the truth of God without the Bible?
The Spirit of Fornication
Do Christians Believe just to stay out of hell?
Cussing Christians
What about secular music and movies?

Current issues- In your face issues that impact our lives...

What about other religions?
Islam &amp; Christianity
Running To Win!
Is War in Ever in the Will of God? What does the Bible have to say.
Is God still in Control?
What is the Passion of Christ?
The Passion of the Christ

What is the meaning of life?

The three greatest questions...
What is God's Plan for my life? Part 2.
The Fire of the Lord God- What is the purpose of life? Part 3.
Authentic Faith
Authentic Faith Part 2- "Can you lose Salvation?"

Tearing Down StrongHolds in Our Lives- Learn how to break the curse of the enemy.

Satanic Assult, The Devil is Messing With Your Mind- Part One
The Sinister Minister, the Devil is Messing With Your Mind- Part Two
Your body...baptized in the laver.
The Mystery of Jesus Title

Biblical Insight Concerning Intimate Relationships-If you desire a intimate relationship that will last for a lifetime, the Word of God is the manual.

Part One- The Foundation

The Science of Creation- learn the truth of the earth's history straight from the source- GOD!

Ashby Camp’s List of Creation Articles (500 articles)
Astronomical Evidence for Creation and a Young Solar System
Whitehole cosmology
How can we see stars millions of miles away in a young universe?
Gravitational time dilation
String theory
Can we identify the Creator?
Where did God come from?
Where did God come from, Part II
Where did Cain get his wife?--The most FAQ revealed!
Illogical Arguements against God.
How did all the animals fit on Noah's Ark?
Did the snake really speak to Eve? And what does the rainbow of Noah's Flood represent?
What about dinosaurs!
What should we think when we hear billions and millions of years?
Endowed by Our Creator
Dinosaurs, Information, and The miracles behind vertical evolution!
What should we have learned from the Scopes Monkey Trial?
Survival of the Fittest
Creating Life in the Lab, and Artifical Intelligence!
Who planted the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil?
The Myth of the Gay Gene
Why did Noah Curse Canaan?
The Censoring of Science
Cell uses a swtich board!
The Longevity of the Patriarchs

The Religion of Evolutionism- it's disciples claim it as absolute truth. What does God's Word have to say?

Are you Evolutionized?
Relative Morality
Hopeful Monster theory, a hopless religion.
Evolution is a religion of blind faith.
Click here for evidence of evolution in the fossil record!
Life Was Either Created Or It Created Itself: In the Beginning God, or in the beginning dirt...
Panspermia = ScapeGoat
What do scientists have say about spontaneous generation?
What Darwin actually observed, a lesson in variation.
Is the universe eternal?
The Fossil Record- No friend of evolution.
Lack of any evidence for intermediate Homidnoids
Mutations will never increase genetic information/natural selection, selects, it does not create.
Response to no evidence for information.
Richard Dawkins, the pope of evolutionism, cannot give an answer to the magic behind evolution.
Walking With Cavemen- When it comes to creating fairy tales documentaries, Discovery Channel takes the cake.
A Rebuttal Against Best Evidence for Vertical Evolution.
Free thinking analyzed.
Regarding articles from a stone thou hast brought me forth Jer. 27
Nothing + Nothing still equal nothing
Theistic Evolution

Are You Listening Now? A biblical guideline to prophecy:

Setting the Stage Part I
Setting the Stage Part II
The Rapture
The Great Tribulation
The Battle of Armageddon
Biblical Prophetic Visions- A study guide to Old Testament Prophecy
Special- Christmas Prophecy Post!
Eternity, when it's all said and done...
The Feast of Trumpets! Parallel to the Rapture.
State of Israel &amp; End-Time Prophecy Question

Recommended sites:

The following sites are highly recommended, and are due credit for many of the resources and references for many of the answers given in ABC's Bible Study:
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