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Default Workout Journal. (comments welcome!)

Chest Day

Incline Bench: 3 sets 10, 8, fail
Decline Bench: " "
Lats Pulldown: " " (superset, behind the neck to front)
Row: 3 sets 10, 8, fail
Shrugs: " "

Leg Day

Squats: 5 sets, 8 reps with static contraction on the last one. pyramid the weights (increase first 3, decrease last 2)
Hamstring Curls: 3 sets of 8
Calf Raises: 6 sets of 20 (3 sets differnt postion)
Plyometrics: 3 sets of each, 30 seconds
-Tuck Jumps
-Single Leg Hops
-Depth Jumps

Arms Day

bicep curls; alternate: 20 sets of 3 (running the rack)
EZ curls: 5 sets 8, then failure (stripset)
Ropes Pulldown: 3 sets 8, 8, failure
Front raises: 3 sets of 8
Side Raises/Military Press: 3 sets of 8
Static Grip (stripset): 5 sets to failure


what do you think of my routine? i will go 3 days, then rest one, go 3 days, rest one, repeat for 8 weeks then switch to isolation to bring up lagging muscles.
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