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Old 08-13-2002, 07:50 PM
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Default Update on My Headaches....

<font color="blue">I had posted to training last week about a problem I had in the gym with headaches. I thought I would provide an update...

Last Tuesday night I was doing my chest/bicep routine - got through the chest and was on the first series of exercises for biceps when I hurt myself. It's hard to explain. I was doing incline bicep curls and had decided that it was time to bump up the weight. I guess I must have been holding my breath and really forcing rep, but was not aware of it. Anyway, I felt this almost instant pain just around my left temple and above my eye. Kind of like a pull. I had an instant headache. I've had headaches from exercise before, but never to this extent.

I tried to go back the following two nights, but the headache would come back in the warm up set and so I decided to take a break till lastnight. I was feeling pretty strong. I got through my shoulder supersets, but had to really focus on my breathing and not pushing too hard in my head (if that makes sense). The headache started to come back so I stopped and went home.

I saw the doctor yesterday and he told me that I most likely have a pull from the pressure I was exerting and that I should take at least another week off. If I had pulled a muscle in my leg or arm, I would have had to do the same thing - but probably would have been able to do some other exercise - but this is affecting everything (cardio/abs/weights).

Today I still have the headached and I am now starting to feel dizzy at times. I've done no exercise to bring this on further.

I went back to the doc today and he is sending me for a head CT in the next few days. He thinks that I may have a burst blood vessel. He didn't want me to be overly concerned about it. Hard not to.

Anyway, I have been weight lifting for quite some time now and I usually go in week sprints of 12/13 or 14 weeks and then take a week long break. I had planned to end this challenge at the end of this month, take my break and then get back at it in September. So I resign myself to being completed in this challenge. I'm not too concerned about it. It all works out in the end. I'm just finished earlier and will start my next challenge sooner than I had planned. No biggy. My first priority is to be well so that I can go back to the gym healthy and able to give it my full attention.

I'm pretty happy with some of the changes that I've made in my bf% - my weight has been up and down - again no biggy - that's not my determinate for success.

My abs look great - my legs are larger and more cut too - which was a goal this challenge.

I'm happy with my results and of course this being my lifestyle now I'm just going to keep going and enjoy this part of my life.

My next challenge will include a bulk session - so more food and more weight and less cardio and oh my... how fun.

Hang 10 all....
Miss Margaret
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Old 08-13-2002, 08:45 PM
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Default Re: Update on My Headaches....

Oh my gosh! Eeek, girl! Must learn to breathe! One of the gals on my speed skating team does the same thing when she skates, she forgets to breathe then she ends up practically hyperventilating. She started putting one of those things that's supposed to stop you from snoring across her nose just to remind her to breathe. Gosh, well, I hope it's nothing serious and you get well soon! Hope to see ya all ready to go by October so we can do the "bulking" thing together! [img]/forum/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

Oh, and congrats on your results! Sounds great!

Oh, and by the way, this little break doesn't give you permission to become a stranger. Ya gotta at least drop in sometimes just to say "hello".
Old 08-14-2002, 01:31 AM
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Default Re: Update on My Headaches....

Miss M..I know we have crossed paths on many a board..&amp; I enjoy your posts very much &amp; admire how hard you work &amp; how far you have come!! I hope this is nothing that can't be "fixed" with just some well deserved rest&amp; relaxation!
Please keep up informed &amp; you will be in my prayers!!

Old 08-14-2002, 05:23 PM
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Default Re: Update on My Headaches....

it sounds the same as mine, mens and womens health isnt that different:
i had a similar problem, actually a lot of people in the training forum have had that problem, but your description sounds exactly like mine. was it so painful that all that you could do was lay down and wait for it to pass enough to get up? well that was what mine was like. i got sick about 2 weeks after it started and was down for another month. (unrelated) when i finally started up again, last month, i had lost 12 pounds but the headaches were gone. make sure that you get it taken care of.
Good Luck and Good Training

Jeremy Margolies

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Default Thank you dahlings....

<font color="blue">KryptoA.....you bet I'll be around. Fingers still work and I'm keeping to my nutrition set points. I haven't had the CT yet. Looks like tomorrow. Sleep is being hampered, but I've been napping at lunch hour and relaxing most of my evenings. Althoug I confess to being an energizer bunny who cannot sit still for long. I did do some extra house work last night. My body is saying "what gives, get to the gym.", but my brain is saying "tired, sleep, eat chocolate for comfort". Well I won't be eating the chocolate, but will rest - I want back to my old self like yesterday.

Yes, A .... sounds like the same thing. I sure hope it's not a month before I'm back at it. That will make me nuts.

OH and KA ... I'm in for the bulk big time.

Thanks all - I'll keep you up to date.

In the meantime, go and kick some fat weight butt for me tonight.

</font color>
If it isn't tough, it's not enough.

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